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GK Helpline

  1. 7:30PM
  2. Last date for submitting examination forms for Barkatullah Univ
  1. 7:28PM
  2. Kashmir phone gag: Contact Mr Mantoo for help in Indore, Ujjain, Bhopal
  1. 6:33PM
  2. Man in Kerala craves to know well-being of sick mother in Kashmir
  1. 5:48PM
  2. Kashmiris in Hungary worried about their families
  1. 5:46PM
  2. Kashmiris can contact families through Helpline Kashmir 24x7 Facebook Page
  1. 3:21PM
  2. Unable to contact families, Kashmiri students run out of money
  1. 3:20PM
  2. Zaid worried about friend in Kashmir
  1. 3:18PM
  2. Phone gag: Zubeda worried about husband, in-laws in Kashmir
  1. 3:16PM
  2. Phone gag: Kashmiri student Almas drops a heartbreaking message for mother
  1. 1:20PM
  2. Pakistani unable to contact with friend in Kashmir
  1. 1:18PM
  2. Mili Ghosh from West Bengal worried about friend in Kashmir
  1. 1:16PM
  2. Phone Gag: Kashmiri in Delhi disconnected from loved ones
  1. 1:14PM
  2. Nishu from Delhi worried about her Kashmiri friend
  1. 12:07PM
  2. Phone gag: Kashmiris outside running out of money, worried about families
  1. 9:39AM
  2. Phone gag: Kashmiri students in NIMS Rajasthan need financial help
  1. 8:23PM
  2. No news of families in Kashmir: Kashmiri students in Punjab
  1. 8:20PM
  2. Bengali friend knows no whereabouts of Kashmiri friend
  1. 5:47PM
  2. Kashmiri students unable to contact parents, running out of money
  1. 5:27PM
  2. Kashmiri students in Dehradun running out of money
  1. 5:23PM
  2. Kashmiri student down with typhoid wants to speak with family
  1. 5:19PM
  2. Man in Dubai wants to know about mother in Kashmir
  1. 5:00PM
  2. Kashmiri students in Chandigarh running out of money
  1. 4:46PM
  2. Restore mobile connectivity in Kashmir
  1. 4:28PM
  2. Bangalore girl has no news about her Kashmiri friend
  1. 12:51PM
  2. Restore mobile phone services for ‘Insaniyat’ sake: Barkatulla Univ students
  1. 5:36PM
  2. Restore mobile services in Kashmir, outside Kashmiris appeal govt
  1. 5:22PM
  2. Kashmiris in Mohali have no contact with families in Kashmir
  1. 5:19PM
  2. Students from Dehradun want to talk to their families in Kashmir
  1. 4:57PM
  2. Outside students worried about their families in Kashmir
  1. 1:20PM
  2. At least restore incoming call facility, appeal Kashmiri students in Mohali, Chandigarh
  1. 1:18PM
  2. Kashmiris studying/working outside appeal for restoration of phone services
  1. 11:29PM
  2. Asghar Hussain from Karachi wants to contact friend in Sopore
  1. 1:09PM
  2. Despite gag, BSNL postpaid customers charged for mobile Internet
  1. 1:35PM
  2. Download admit cards, air tickets at Madina Airways free of cost
  1. 6:06PM
  2. Kashmiris in Gujarat call Inamul Haq for help
  1. 2:32PM
  2. Aspirants appeal: Postpone NET, shift test centre to Delhi
  1. 2:31PM
  2. KAS aspirants appeal for postponement of written test
  1. 12:42PM
  2. Contact Kashmirhelpline24X7 for help
  1. 9:43PM
  2. Attention: Kashmiri students at RDVV Jabalpur don't need financial help
  1. 6:11PM
  2. Basit in Patiala doesn’t know if his mother in Sopore has Aromasin medicine
  1. 6:07PM
  2. Communication gag: News of granny's death reaches Kashmiri man in Bengaluru after 15 hours
  1. 6:05PM
  2. Communication gag: Ashfaq of Chirakoot Lolab wants to talk to his family
  1. 6:04PM
  2. Kashmiri students in Dehradun running out of money
  1. 10:50AM
  2. Communication gag: Mastan to visit wife in Bandipora after August 25
  1. 5:48PM
  2. Appeal to IUST authorities to extend dates for fee deposition
  1. 5:46PM
  2. Kashmiri students in Chandigarh running out of money, need help
  1. 12:23PM
  2. People appeal government to restore mobile, Internet services in Kashmir
  1. 10:28AM
  2. Worried Kashmiris appeal for an end to communication gag
  1. 10:19AM
  2. Communication gag: In Tokyo, Kamran worried if his mother in Kashmir had her insulin dose
  1. 4:41PM
  2. 'At least restore incoming call facilities in Kashmir'
  1. 3:57PM
  2. Kashmiri students in Dehradun worried about families back home, appeal for an end to phone gag
  1. 1:18PM
  2. Appeals from outside India to end communication gag in Kashmir
  1. 11:47AM
  2. An Emergency: Haemophilic patient needs Factor IX injections
  1. 8:45PM
  2. Aspirants appeal JK Bank to postpone RE exams
  1. 7:10PM
  2. Kashmiri students at Rewa University need help
  1. 3:34PM
  2. MD/MS PG scholars appeal KU to announce their results
  1. 3:27PM
  2. Sister in Saudi worried about her brother in Natipora
  1. 3:06PM
  2. Candidates appeal J&K Bank to defer interviews
  1. 3:05PM
  2. MBBS Ist, 2nd year students' parents appeal SKIMS to postpone August 17 exams
  1. 3:50PM
  2. RE aspirants from south Kashmir appeal JK Bank authorities
  1. 3:22PM
  2. Call Kashmiri volunteers in Delhi for help
  1. 12:42PM
  2. KU scholars demand extension in last date for submitting MANF applications
  1. 7:03PM
  2. Candidates appeal J&K Bank for transport, curfew passes
  1. 2:14PM
  2. Kashmiris in Bangaluru, contact Hem Raj for help
  1. 11:22AM
  2. Kashmiri student Umar Mushtaq gets help from good Samaritan in Bengaluru
  1. 9:59AM
  2. Attention Kashmirhelpline 24x7: Mr Jain from Bengaluru wants to help
  1. 4:06PM
  2. Kashmirhelpline 24x7 appeals people to help needy
  1. 4:05PM
  2. Kashmiri student in Bangalore appeals for fixing issues with minority scholarship scheme
  1. 2:05PM
  2. Helpline for Kashmiri students studying outside
  1. 4:04PM
  2. Model Town Sopore inhabitants appeal Idea cellular Company to restore defunct tower
  1. 12:22AM
  2. Restore pre-paid mobile service
  1. 4:21PM
  2. Restore Internet services in Kashmir, People appeal govt
  1. 1:39PM
  2. Son in Saudi wants to talk to mother in Kashmir
  1. 1:38PM
  2. Facebook page created to support outside Kashmiris
  1. 12:28PM
  2. Candidates appeal J&K Bank authorities to reschedule interviews