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Tourists spellbound by Wular Lake’s serenity, splendour

Advocate call for preservation efforts, urge for enhanced amenities
03:01 AM May 13, 2024 IST | OWAIS FAROOQI
tourists spellbound by wular lake’s serenity  splendour

Bandipora, May 12: To get fresh air and to break away from the sweltering heat, tourists have been flocking to Kashmir, and Bandipora district is also finding its mention as a preferred place on their itinerary.


These include those who have been visiting Kashmir and Bandipora for the first time and are finding themselves in awe of Wular Lake's vast expanses and the breathtaking view it offers “to refresh one's mind and soul”.


A group of tourists from Mumbai, Delhi, Rajasthan, and other places said they feel Kashmir is “really a piece of heaven on earth”.

Neha Chauhan from Delhi, who along with her friends enjoyed Wular Lake's view from Wular Vantage Park on Saturday, said, “We have been enjoying our visit to Kashmir, and today we came to visit Wular Lake. The weather is very pleasant, and I recommend everyone visit Kashmir as it is a heaven on earth.”


Chauhan said Wular Lake’s natural beauty and the fact it's one of the largest freshwater lakes is amazing.


Pinky, who had arrived from Rajasthan, said, “The first look at the lake makes your eyes swell with tears. It’s beautiful.”


“One can sit at the lakefront forever and behold its colourful beauty,” Pinky said. “My first preference was Bandipora, and I made it my first stop.”


Another tourist from Delhi, Ruby said, “I had been waiting for months in anticipation of coming to Kashmir to explore it.”

"I had heard stories about Kashmir's beautiful valleys, and after arriving here, I have found solace in its powerful beauty, the greenery, and colourful flowers,” she said. “No doubt this lake is truly beautiful, but let me mention if Wular Lake's beauty could be enhanced, it would be more fun to enjoy.”

Ruby said that motorboats and shikaras, like those in Srinagar's Dal Lake, which are “hardly available here” should be introduced so that tourists visiting Wular can have the “same experience”.

“Moreover, keeping the lake cleaner and constructing more parks around the lake banks and tourist facilitation points can make it a more unique and lifetime experience,” she said.

Ruby said that more tourists should come for the visit so that it boosts the economy and makes people happy.

Reflecting on the environment, she said, “It has been a great experience so far. The sweltering heat in Delhi was getting unbearable, and by coming here, I am finding myself at peace.”

Another tourist from the group said, “The saying that Kashmir is called heaven on earth holds truth, and those not believing this fact should come here and bear witness if there is heaven anywhere on earth, it is here.”