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Silent Epidemic | Surge in social crimes in north Kashmir sparks concern

Despite efforts to curb these offences, only 154 arrests have been made, indicating the complexities involved in addressing such heinous crimes effectively.
02:11 AM May 06, 2024 IST | Syed Rizwan Geelani
silent epidemic   surge in social crimes in north kashmir sparks concern
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Srinagar, May 5: Despite Police action, the social crimes have witnessed a troubling surge in north Kashmir, raising concerns among the stakeholders and authorities.


The north Kashmir areas have seen a surge in cases, despite concerted efforts by law enforcement agencies to curb such activities, which has called for more stringent measures by the concerned authorities.


In the wake of the rise in social crimes, law enforcement agencies have intensified their efforts to combat social crimes.


Despite rigorous actions by law enforcement agencies, social crimes have seen a concerning surge in north Kashmir districts.


The official data reveals a stark reality of escalating criminal activities, painting a grim picture of societal challenges and the complexities faced by law enforcement.


In the Baramulla district alone, a staggering 310 cases have been registered against drug peddlers from 2019 to 2024, leading to the arrest of 397 individuals involved in such illicit activities.


The official data has been obtained by M M Shuja through an RTI application.


Police in Baramulla launched a massive ‘Operation All Out’ campaign to curb the drug menace in the district.

The Police authorities have been conducting regular outreach programmes and have taken several other initiatives to keep society free of substance abuse.

This rampant drug trade not only poses a threat to public health but also fuels other criminal endeavours, contributing to the overall deterioration of law and order.

The situation in Sopore is equally alarming, with 272 NDPS cases registered and 436 accused apprehended during the same period.

It has raised alarm over the deep-rooted network of drug trafficking that requires a concerted effort to curb such activities.

Bandipora district, although relatively smaller in scale, has also witnessed its share of criminal activities. Approximately 184 NDPS cases have been recorded, leading to the arrest of 280 individuals.

Additionally, 126 vehicle theft cases have been reported since 2019 in the Baramulla Police District, with only 17 vehicles successfully recovered, highlighting the challenges in tackling property crimes effectively.

The distressing trend extends beyond substance abuse and property crimes.

Baramulla district recorded 225 suicide attempts, resulting in 43 arrests.

Furthermore, eight murder cases have been registered with nine arrests made since 2019, underscoring the gravity of violent crimes in the region.

Additionally, 143 dowry cases have been reported, leading to 340 arrests.

The figures reflect deep-rooted societal issues that demand urgent attention.

The Sopore Police District has faced its own set of challenges, including 96 suicide cases, six murder cases, 123 kidnapping cases, and 59 rape cases since 2019.

Despite efforts to curb these offences, only 154 arrests have been made, indicating the complexities involved in addressing such heinous crimes effectively.

The situation in Bandipora district has reported 106 reported suicide cases, emphasising the need for comprehensive mental health support and preventive measures.

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