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Massive traffic jams pester commuters

Ongoing works on roads hit vehicular movement
12:00 AM Apr 16, 2024 IST | Rabiya Bashir
massive traffic jams pester commuters
Photo: Aman Farooq/ GK

Srinagar, Apr 15:  Intermittent rains triggered massive traffic jams in the summer capital on Monday.


Amid heavy rains, commuters found themselves trapped in massive traffic snarls across major routes during morning and evening hours.


The dilapidated condition of roads and ongoing construction works emerged as significant contributors to the gridlocks, leaving residents exasperated.


Commuters traversing city roads including Jahangir Chowk, Batamaloo, Dalgate, Khayam, Natipora, Sanat Nagar crossing, Nowgam, and Qamarwari, found themselves ensnared in extensive traffic jams, with vehicles queuing up for miles in a standstill situation that lasted for hours.


The incessant downpour transformed roads into treacherous paths, with drivers navigating slippery surfaces and pooled water, further exacerbating the challenges faced by commuters.


Under-construction sites dotted along the roads emerged as primary bottlenecks, exacerbating the congestion.


Commuters said that vehicles queued up for miles and they were stuck for hours in traffic jams.


"I was traveling from Saida kadal to Natipora. It took me hours to reach my home. The city is in a mess. I changed my routes but was stuck everywhere. Also, under-construction sites dotted along the roads emerged as primary bottlenecks, exacerbating the congestion. It was frustrating," said Fahad Aslam, a resident of Natipora.

Expressing dismay over the situation, commuters said that there is an urgent need for infrastructural improvements to alleviate the recurring traffic woes exacerbated by inclement weather conditions.

They urged authorities to address the deteriorating road conditions and streamline traffic management strategies to mitigate the impact of adverse weather on the city's transportation network.

Anuj Malhotra, General Manager of Planning at Smart City Limited, told Greater Kashmir that road construction, especially Downtown, is ongoing in two shifts, and “sometimes inclement weather hampers progress.”

He said that Smart City works in the city will be completed by June 2024, and in downtown, all works including roads, will be completed by May 2024.

"Weather can change anytime, so that is the only reason when construction work hampers," he said.

Officials in the Traffic Department said that they are monitoring the situation and doing their best to ensure smooth traffic, “but construction on the roads makes it difficult.”