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Education department has initiated action against several teaching and non-teaching staff  for negligence towards their duty.

As per sources in the department, teams of department conducted surprise inspection in different schools of district after which reports were submitted to Chief Education Officer who initiated action in the matter.

The CEO ordered suspension of two Regularised Rehbre e Taleem teacher of Middle School Bali Bhawan in Kalakote zone  a teacher of High School Dhayala, allegedly for unauthorised absence. A notice has also been served to   headmaster High School Dhayala who allegedly  produced a leave application of the absentee teacher by tampering the date.

Similarly, a regularised Rehbr e Taleem teacher  of   Middle School Bera Gua, has been placed under suspension for unauthorised absence and the school head has also been asked to give explanation  for poor enrollment and poor academic performance of students.

Headmaster of Middle School Kural has also been asked served explanation for similar reasons, while salary of all three teachers of Primary School Thalla in Moughla has been withheld for poor enrolment. .

The CEO has also suspended a master of Mehtka High School has  while salary of  two regularised RET teachers  of Government Primary School Kesar Gala  have been withheld for poor enrolment 

Likewise two Regularised RET Teachers  Primary School Mob Saranoo have been placed under suspension after a team of DIET paid visit to the school on 10th of August and found it locked.

The Principal of Government Higher Secondary School Sialsui Kalakote has been directed to conduct an inquiry into functioning of High School Khadarian Kalakote. It was reported thet record of school was not maintained properly.