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Tehreek-e-Hurriyat (TeH) chairman Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai today expressed deep pain and concern over the ‘prolonged’ detention of Kashmiri political leaders, activists and youths.

“Most of the prisoners are illegally detained and even when justice seems to have been done; it is undone under a revolving door policy,” Sehrai said in a statement.

He demanded  immediate release of political prisoners “implicated in different concocted” cases.

“Shifting of political prisoners outside state is political vendetta. Kashmiris are being punished for demanding their legitimate basic rights having international legitimacy and recognition but Delhi’s system of arrest and detention is an integral part of its apartheid system under which Kashmir territory is governed under a separate set of laws than Delhi itself.” Sehrai said.

He said, “The draconian laws like PSA and AFSPA are invariably invoked to deny freedom of expression and freedom of demand of birth right—right to self-determination. It manifests that a proclaimed largest democracy is practicing undemocratic and inhuman methods. The administration is practicing all the methods of coercion, oppression and arm twisting to crush the people’s resistance but let me reiterate and convey to establishment that the freedom fighters and the sentiment cannot be crushed by resorting to such tactics.”

Sehrai appealed to the international community and international human rights organizations to come forward and raise their voice for the suffering humanity.