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Police today said it saved lives of two expecting mothers at Tangwani Anantnag by shifting them to hospital. 

“A party of police station Larnoo on receiving a distress call proceeded towards village Tangwani and after extraneous efforts managed to transport a pregnant lady (name withheld ) to PHC Larnoo in a  police vehicle. She was in dire need of medical treatment & thereby saved a precious life,” police spokesperson said in a statement. 

The statement said in a similar case, police party from police station Utersoo headed by SHO  Imtiyaz Ahmad after receiving a distress call proceeded towards the village Nurser Chattergul. “The road leading towards the village was snow covered and at number of places trees were fallen on road. After clearing the fallen trees from road and walking a distance of about three kilometres, police party reached to the  village and evacuated the pregnant woman on a bed from Nurser to Kherpora and there from transported to Shangus  hospital in a sumo hired by police,” the statement added.