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Hitting out at Pakistan's judiciary and the military establishment, ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif today said "a few people" cannot be allowed to rule over 200 million people of the country.

Delivering a fiery speech at Muridkay, 67-year-old Sharif asked the people to support him in "revolution" he is going to bring about to change the destiny of Pakistan.

"Will you stand by Nawaz Sharif in the revolution?" he asked, inviting cheers of "yes!"

"Time has come that it has to be decided who will rule this country. A bunch of few cannot or the 200 million people. Pakistan is not the property of a few people," Sharif said, referring to the military establishment and the judiciary.

A five-member Supreme Court bench last month disqualified Sharif for dishonesty and ruled that corruption cases be filed against him and his children over the Panama Papers scandal, forcing the prime minister to quit for the record third time. PTI