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Welcoming Undergraduates at CUK

Why should aspirants nationwide consider joining these undergraduate programmes at CUK?
12:00 AM Apr 04, 2024 IST | DR. MOHAMMAD SAYID BHAT
welcoming undergraduates at cuk

Students who aspire to join higher education institutions for further studies can enroll themselves at the Central University of Kashmir (CUK). The National Testing Agency (NTA) has issued a second notification for admissions to various undergraduate programmes offered by different institutions, including CUK.


It offers admissions to its various undergraduate programmes viz; BA-LLB, BBA, B.Com, BA in English, and BSc. in Biotechnology, Zoology, Physics and Mathematics. Students will be given a choice to go for Honors or Honors with research in their 4th year of studies. Candidates who have passed or appeared in an examination of 10+2 can apply. The admissions will be completed through the entrance test to be conducted by NTA.


What Unique Selling Perspectives (USP) do these courses carry at CUK, and why should aspirants nationwide consider joining these undergraduate programmes at CUK? CUK is developing a Strong Brand Identity by infusing innovative ideas and creative strategies into its institutional development plan, highlighting its unique strengths and values, and clearly communicating the institution's vision, mission, and distinctiveness to prospective students.

Through its visionary, dynamic and bold leadership, CUK attracts a diverse and talented pool of students who could explore their personal and professional developmental opportunities at any point during the course, inspiring them to reach their full potential.


CUK offers admissions to the 05-year Integrated BA-LLB programme. The institution has ensured that it meets the established standards of quality and rigour in legal education. The Bar Council of India has duly recognized the programme. The curriculum of the programme is well-designed and offers comprehensive foundational legal principles, specialized areas of law, and practical skill-set training.


This programme has included experiential learning opportunities such as legal clinics, internships, moot-court competitions, and simulation exercises. These hands-on experiences allow students to apply legal theory to real-world situations and develop practical skills. The faculty serving in the law department possess distinguished legal scholarship. They are practitioners with expertise in legal fields. They provide high-quality instruction, mentorship, and opportunities for professional development.


The faculty offers support, resources, and guidance to help students prepare for different career paths. The programme at CUK emphasizes the development of solid research and writing skills, which are vital for success in legal practice. BA-LLB at CUK unites legitimate quality and magnificent diversity, which has helped shape legal education.


The distinctive strength of the programme is that it brings together exceptionally gifted ones of varied backgrounds with experience, aptitude, aspirations, attitudes, and standpoints. The programme offers comprehensive preparation for the bar examinations. The graduates (alumni) of the programme hold prestigious positions, including working as Prosecuting Officers in the Home department.

CUK has also introduced BBA and B.Com programmes from this academic session. These programmes are designed to provide practical experience, making the student an expert in business administration.

These aim to develop and enhance the student's entrepreneurial skills, enabling them to capitalize on global job market opportunities or even open their own entrepreneurship units and enterprises under the supervision of CUK.

Both programmes offer industry exposure through scheduled visits, giving students a confident start in their future careers. The faculty for these programmes is exceptional, with qualifications and experience that make them the best resources to impart relevant knowledge, skills, and competencies.

CUK has also invited applications for 05 different 4-year BSc. Programmes. Science departments at CUK typically showcase numerous key features that contribute to academic excellence, research productivity, and impact. CUK has attracted renowned faculty members in these science departments who are leaders in their fields.

These faculty members are distinguished researchers, scholars, and educators who contribute significantly to advancing knowledge through research, publications, and teaching. Science departments have prioritized cutting-edge research and innovation.

They focus on fostering a culture of inquiry, exploration, and discovery, supporting faculty and student research projects, interdisciplinary collaborations, and partnerships with industry. CUK has provided students access to state-of-the-art laboratories, research centres, and equipment to support their research endeavours.

The institution has invested hugely in infrastructure and technology that enable faculty and students to conduct high-quality research and experimentation. Thus, Science departments offer robust graduate programmes that attract talented students and produce skilled researchers and scholars. These programmes provide rigorous training, mentorship, and research opportunities, preparing graduates for successful careers in academia, industry, government, and beyond.

The students actively engage with local communities, schools, and organizations to promote scientific literacy, STEM education, and outreach. CUK organizes public lectures, science festivals, hands-on workshops, and other events to inspire interest in science and foster community partnerships.

CUK has also started a 4-Year BA in English. This degree has been made more flexible, allowing graduates to get into different career options. This degree allows students to share knowledge and develop connections with the world around them. A degree in English hones the literary tastes and communication skills among students.

Getting this degree also helps students develop critical thinking skills and offers flexibility in Career Paths where some graduates can choose careers in writing, script writing, editing, or teaching, and others can catch the feat in fields like business, public relations, law, and other occupational management. Focus has also been put on research where students are able to discover, assess, and create knowledge effectively.

To conclude, CUK fully understands the importance of an updated and progressive curriculum to groom 21st-century skills among its students. The CUK library has been updated fully with learning resources. It includes an extensive collection of books and other e-resources. All the classrooms have modern educational amenities.

This year, CUK has announced the launch of the Opportunity Fund (Scholarships), a new financial aid initiative that will enable almost 50% of deserving and needy students with the highest financial need to attend tuition-free for all years of education. The scholarship initiative will increase access for first-generation students and those with limited resources.

Thus, CUK has long worked to make UG & PG education more accessible and enable students to pursue the career paths that are most meaningful to them, whether in the public or private sector. In the 3rd phase, besides MBA & MBA in Tourism, CUK will announce admissions in B.Tech, Integrated Teacher Education (ITEP) and B.Voc programmes shortly. Aspiring candidates can visit CUK at Ganderbal physically or virtually at

Dr. Mohammad Sayid Bhat, Sr. Assistant Professor, Department of Education, CUK.