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Threads of Time | It takes 8 years, 25 artisans, 37.5 crore knots to complete Kashmir’s largest carpet

03:06 AM Apr 14, 2024 IST | ALTAF BABA

Baramulla, Apr 13: In a testament to the enduring legacy of Kashmiri craftsmanship, artisans in Vailoo Kunzar village of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district accomplished a remarkable feat - the creation of one of the largest carpets ever woven in Kashmir.

Measuring an impressive 40 feet by 72 feet, this awe-inspiring carpet stands as a symbol of dedication, skill, and artistic prowess. Crafted over 8 years by a team of 25 skilled weavers, the carpet is a testament to the rich heritage of Kashmiri hand-knotted carpets.


“The artisans said that the largest carpet had been prepared by using 37.5 crore knots of silk threads and around 25 artisans completed this in over 8 years,” said Habibullah Sheikh, one of the artisans.

Speaking with pride, Bashir Ahmad Shah, who is involved in the project, said, “Such a big size carpet had never been woven so far. It has been completed in over 8 years, and 25 skilled artisans completed it by working hard on the carpet.”


Under the supervision of Sheikh and his brother, the chief artisans, the project took shape after a Srinagar-based carpet exporter approached them more than 8 years ago.

After meticulous planning and deliberations, the artisans embarked on their journey to bring this monumental creation to life. “It gives us immense pleasure that after hectic efforts and hard work, the carpet was completed and handed over to the Srinagar-based carpet exporter,” Sheikh said.

The artisans’ journey doesn't end here. With their sights set on new horizons, they have already begun work on another ambitious project.

While it would take them another year to complete, their determination remains unwavering as they continue to push the boundaries of their craft.

“It is the right time to bring back the pristine glory of Kashmiri carpets. We are hopeful that the carpet will set a new benchmark in the carpet industry,” said another artisan Abdul Khaliq.

The significance of Kashmiri hand-knotted carpets in the realm of handicrafts cannot be overstated. Renowned for their unique designs, impeccable quality, and unmatched durability, these carpets hold a prominent place in both local traditions and global markets.

The artisans who worked on this project urged the LG's administration to support the people involved in the carpet industry, especially the carpet weavers.

They have appealed to the administration to come up with different schemes for the carpet weavers so that they are economically empowered.