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The Blood Bond

Usman and Naveed's 'Rakth Daan' App forges lifesaving connections in Kashmir
01:00 AM Jan 09, 2024 IST | MUKEET AKMALI
the blood bond

In a remarkable initiative, two innovators from Srinagar, Usman Tareen and Naveed Malik, have pioneered a solution to a pressing healthcare challenge.


Fuelled by the imperative to streamline blood donation process in Kashmir, the duo embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between donors and recipients. Naveed Malik, grappling with the need to donate blood frequently due to a substantial blood count, faced the difficulty of finding direct recipients. In response to this challenge, Usman and Naveed collaborated to develop an ingenious blood donation app.


Recognising the hurdles faced by both donors and recipients, the duo's creation, 'Rakth Daan,' promises to seamlessly connect those in need of blood with willing donors. The app, designed to simplify the donation process, emerges as a beacon of hope in enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of blood donation in the region.

Usman Tareen, one of the developers behind the innovative blood donation app "Rakth Daan," emphasised the critical need for a more systematic and accessible approach to blood donation in Kashmir. He highlighted the prevailing trend of individuals resorting to social media for blood donation appeals, citing the inherent challenges and complexities in such methods. In response to this, Usman and his friend Naveed Malik developed the Rakth Daan app with the primary goal of simplifying the blood donation process and enhancing accessibility.


"In the realm of blood donation, social media appeals often fall short due to the lack of a systematic link between donors and recipients. Unlike the cumbersome process of navigating through group administrators, our app ensures direct and efficient connections between donors and recipients. We act as gatekeepers only in the initial registration process. Once approved, users seamlessly connect, fostering a direct and immediate exchange between those willing to donate and those in critical need."


Usman explained that individuals can easily become donors by registering on the app, specifying their blood group and location. The app's groundbreaking feature is its ability to instantly locate compatible donors nearby, eliminating the time-consuming nature of traditional methods.


Additionally, Rakth Daan includes a real-time blood bank inventory, allowing users to access up-to-date information on blood availability across various banks in Jammu & Kashmir. This, in turn, promotes informed decision-making and efficient utilisation of this life-saving resource.
Naveed Malik highlighted the simplicity of the app's registration process for blood donors.


By registering and specifying their location, a donor's name automatically pops up for a recipient in the same area in need of blood. The developers have ensured a streamlined process by eliminating the need for recipient approval and expediting the crucial connection between donors and recipients.

The positive response from the public has been noteworthy, according to the developers. Operating under the non-profit banner of WebSolved, the firm behind Rakth Daan, the team prioritises social impact over profit.

Usman Tareen expressed that this commitment fosters trust among users, inspiring them to actively contribute to the cause of facilitating easier and more efficient blood donation in the region.

Usman further emphasised the transformative impact of Rakth Daan, describing it as a user-friendly platform poised to revolutionise the landscape of blood donation and access, ultimately leading to the saving of lives. Developed by WebSolved, a prominent digital marketing agency, Rakth Daan is run by Usman and Naveed.

Key features that distinguish Rakth Daan as a game-changer include its user-friendly registration system, allowing individuals to easily register as donors by specifying their blood group and location. The app's instant donor search capability eliminates the need for time-consuming traditional methods, connecting users with compatible donors nearby. Additionally, Rakth Daan provides real-time information on blood availability across various blood banks in Jammu & Kashmir, promoting informed decision-making and efficient utilization of this precious resource.

Crucially, WebSolved operates Rakth Daan on a non-profit basis, prioritising social impact over profit. This commitment not only fosters trust among users but also inspires them to actively contribute to the noble cause of facilitating blood donation.

With ambitious plans for a pan-India expansion, WebSolved aims to extend Rakth Daan's reach across the country, potentially impacting countless lives on a national scale. The CEO of WebSolved expressed their commitment to leveraging digital expertise for positive societal change, stating, "With Rakth Daan, we aim to build a robust network of blood donors and empower communities to save lives together."

Usman urged people to join the movement and download the Rakth Daan app from the Google Play Store, emphasising the app's potential to revolutionise access to this vital resource and save countless

lives. Download the Rakth Daan app today and become a part of the effort to save lives