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Swirls of Time

Among the hushed silhouettes of mountains
12:53 AM Jan 14, 2024 IST | Syeda Afshana
swirls of time

In the heart of soaring Pir Panjal peaks,


where dust whispers,


Lies the legacy of whispers past

and whispers yet unheard.


Kashmir cradles in the bosom of ancient tales.


The threads of its old traditions


lace through time’s map.



Here, where weed blooms

atop waters of Dal Lake.

Reminiscences of songs and sighs

lingers on.

A quilt of cultures

stitched by hands of lore,

their wanvun sways with vale’s every breath.


Yet shadows dance upon this enigmatic land.

A layer of peace and paranoia,

calm and chaos

a paradox of existence bops.

For where stillness decks the orchards,

Echoes of dissonance too

lacerate the tranquil air.


Oh, how the seasons whirl

like erratic vile winds!

When snowy mountains

turn snowless and soulless.

Tears turn pebbles

crystallized in stony eyes.

What a volte face vale!


From sovereign realms to alien murmurs,

empires rise and fall,

leaving hoof marks on the land.

Power becomes a tale

written on shifting sands.

Nothing is timeless

transience remains the truth.


A kingdom of vibrant colors and unity,

But also a tarp

splattered with shade of discord.

Where the chinar leaves

resonate tales of resilience,

Witness the swing of conventions,

the ebb of seasonal tides.


The chinar, a sentinel rooted in the soil.

Habba Khatoon’s wails


Lal Ded’s vaaks.

Each element a parchment

etched with memory and loss,

making out a trajectory of time.


Through the ages,

a mosaic of identities emerged.

A mosaic of faith and creed—

Koh-i-Maran intertwined with

Makhdoom Sahab Shrine and Sharika DeviTemple.

A longing for harmony amidst distinct tunes,

As Kashmir’s legacy

hums of unity in diversity.


Among the hushed silhouettes of mountains,

lies the yearning for a new dawn’s embrace,

Where old and new merge

in a symphony of change.

Seeking a horizon

where nothing but serenity reigns supreme.