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Structural Strain | Houses develop cracks amidst rain in Baramulla village

12:54 AM May 11, 2024 IST | ALTAF BABA
structural strain   houses develop cracks amidst rain in baramulla village
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Baramulla, May 10: The residents of Dardkote village in the Uri area of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district are worried as their residential houses show signs of structural damage following recent heavy rains in the area.


The incessant downpours triggered landslides and land subsidence in the area, leading to around 35 residential houses developing cracks.


The concerned locals fear that these cracks may widen over time, posing a risk of collapse and potential disaster.


“We are living in constant fear,” said Bashir Ahmad, a resident.  He said that there was an urgent need to relocate the affected families to safer areas.


Ahmad said that the Dardkote village was close to the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) project.


He said that during the construction of the power project which inclined the construction of the tunnel, the area witnessed land stability issues.


Ahmad said that after the 2005 earthquake, the area was again affected.


“During the rainy season, we experience landslides and land subsidence, which has caused cracks to the houses here,” he said.

Another resident, Muhammad Jamal pointed out that the area frequently experiences landslides during heavy rains, exacerbating the vulnerability of residential structures.

Panic-stricken locals have urged the authorities to dispatch a team of officials from the Geology and Mining Department to assess soil stability in the area.

They demand immediate action to relocate the affected families, along with their livestock, to safer locations.

“If the report indicates instability, all affected families should be promptly rehabilitated to safer places,” said the majority of villagers of the area.

Meanwhile, a local official at Uri said that a team of officials from the Revenue Department was recently sent to the area to take stock of the situation. He said that once the report would be prepared, it would be forwarded to the higher officials.

“Soon after receiving information that some houses developed cracks in the area, we sent a team of the officials of the Revenue Department to the area to assess the situation. They will soon submit a report and after that further action will be initiated,” he said.