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Strong winds damage many structures in Uri

01:01 AM Mar 03, 2024 IST | ALTAF BABA

Baramulla, Mar 2: Incessant rains have thrown normal life into disarray across most parts of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district on Saturday, with reports of water logging and residential areas getting flooded emerging from various areas on Saturday.

In Ward No. 13 of Uri, anxiety gripped residents here as water overflowed from a stream, raising concerns about potential damage to residential properties.


The locals said that despite their repeated appeals to the administration for the construction of a protective wall along the stream to prevent water from entering residential areas, nothing has been done so far with the result, they are facing imminent threat to their properties.

Naseer Ahmad, an aggrieved resident, said, “We request the administration to construct a protection wall along the stream. The delay will prove devastating to the residents here.”


“The overflowed water has so far entered a few residential houses. We are trying our best to minimise the damage, however, if the rains continue to lash the area then the situation will turn adverse for the local population here,” added Naseer.

Meanwhile, in the Kreeri area, residents voiced concern about the lack of a drainage system near the graveyard, close to the shrine of Haji Murad Bukhari Kreeri. The persistent rainfall has led to water logging, posing a potential risk of damage to the graveyard.

The local residents have long demanded a drainage system in the area, however, there has been no action taken by the administration to redress their concern.

Peer Ghulam Hassan, a local resident said, “We have been demanding a drainage system near the graveyard since long. However, the administration is paying no attention to our repeated pleas. The lack of drainage can cause huge damage to the graveyard.”

In Wagoora, the rising water level in Nallah Ningli has heightened concerns among residents. The panic stricken residents said that If the rain persists, there’s a potential threat of water overflowing from the Ningli Nallah, posing danger to the locals.

The residents of Mir Mohalla Wagoora have urged the district administration to construct a culvert over a local stream to ease crossing and prevent water from entering residential areas.

Meanwhile in Baramulla town, the incessant rains have caused water logging at various locations, including tehsil roads and damaged roads near Nanak Bhawan, causing hardships for pedestrians.

The residents here have urged the Baramulla district administration to repair the damaged roads so that the water logging issue is addressed without any delay.

In the Uri area of Baramulla district at least five residential houses, a mosque besides a Dar-ul-Uloom suffered damage after gusty winds followed by incessant rains hit the area on Saturday evening. Although no one was injured in the incident, some of the residential houses suffered intense damage in the incident.