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Steadfast Security | DGP promises firm action against wrongdoers in J&K

01:21 AM Jun 09, 2024 IST | SHABIR IBN YUSUF
steadfast security   dgp promises firm action against wrongdoers in j k

Srinagar, June 8:  Amidst the backdrop of the recent Lok Sabha polls in Kashmir, Director General of Police (DGP) Rashmi Ranjan Swain Saturday emphasised the imperative of maintaining peace and security in Jammu and Kashmir.


His reference was towards the Assembly polls that loom closer, expected by September this year.


Speaking to reporters during a public grievance redressal system event at Pulwama, Swain underscored the Police force’s unwavering focus on ensuring a conducive environment recently concluded Lok Sabha elections and upcoming events.


He stressed the pivotal role of tranquillity and freedom from fear in encouraging voter participation, expressing determination to uphold these conditions.


Acknowledging the significance of the substantial voter turnout witnessed during the Lok Sabha elections, the DGP aspired for a continuation of this trend, aiming for robust voter engagement during the upcoming Assembly polls.


In response to a query, Swain reiterated the evolving nature of terrorism in J&K, noting a transition from local to foreign perpetrators.


Despite successful efforts to dissuade local youth from involvement in violence, he highlighted the persistent threat posed by foreign elements, citing recent incidents of sabotage.


Addressing concerns during the public darbar, he emphasised the Police force’s commitment to justice, asserting firm action against wrongdoers to ensure relief for the majority.

He stressed the importance of policing guided by truth and fairness, acknowledging occasional lapses while pledging to rectify them.

The DGP reaffirmed the Police force's dedication to serving the people, emphasising the enduring presence and connection with the community. Regardless of changes in administration, he highlighted the Police force as a steadfast pillar of security, always striving to maintain close ties with the populace.

The DGP while reflecting on his future as a civilian, underscored the need for an environment devoid of fear, ensuring that every citizen can exercise their democratic rights without apprehension.

He acknowledged the challenges involved in preserving such an atmosphere but affirmed the Police force’s commitment to the task.

Asserting the role of the J&K Police as a law enforcement agency, he emphasised their duty to uphold the law and address criminal activities. He expressed gratitude for the support of the people, recognising their collaboration as essential in maintaining peace and security.

In response to inquiries regarding foreign terrorism, the DGP noted a shift from resident to foreign terrorism, with a decline in local recruitment attributed to community engagement efforts.

He emphasised the importance of understanding the motivations behind local recruitment and implementing strategies to prevent it, thereby reducing violence and safeguarding lives and property.