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Srinagar’s hospital roads in ruin, threaten lives of patients

Meanwhile, residents recount harrowing experiences of grappling with road obstacles during medical emergencies.
01:34 AM May 04, 2024 IST | Rabiya Bashir
srinagar’s hospital roads in ruin  threaten lives of patients

Srinagar, May 3: The dilapidated condition of roads leading to major hospitals in Srinagar has sparked grave concerns over the safety and well-being of patients, particularly those requiring urgent medical attention.


The inability to navigate through congested and pothole-ridden roads is compromising the vital “golden hour”, crucial for saving lives following serious injuries and medical emergencies.


Recently, a critical patient lost his life as he was unable to reach the hospital amidst severe traffic congestion due to dilapidated roads in the old city.


The road linking Karan Nagar to SMHS Hospital and Shireen Bagh has been under construction for over a year now under the smart city project.


The extended period of work has left the road in a neglected state, making commuting a daunting task.


Experts emphasise the significance of the golden hour, stressing that timely intervention can make the difference between life and death, especially for patients with heart attacks, brain strokes, or severe accidents.


Noted critical care specialist, Dr Showkat Shah told Greater Kashmir that if a patient reaches the hospital and receives treatment within the golden hour, they can expect a near-complete recovery and a precious life will be saved.


“However, most cardiac arrest deaths occur during this period when they reach late,” he said.

Dr Shah said that traffic authorities should take strict measures, and simultaneously, people should also cooperate with the traffic authorities.

“We need mass awareness about this grave issue. And the media should disseminate the phone numbers of nearby ambulances so that a heart attack patient will get immediate treatment as an ambulance somehow manages to reach the hospital,” he said.

Meanwhile, residents recount harrowing experiences of grappling with road obstacles during medical emergencies.

“The Karan Nagar-Kak Sarai road, vital for accessing SMHS Hospital and Super Specialty Hospital, has become a nightmare for us, with traffic congestion and potholes impeding smooth transportation,” said Ahmad Bhat, a resident of downtown.

“Every time there’s an emergency, it feels like a race against time. The condition of the roads only adds to the stress,” said Shabnam Mir, another resident.

The residents said that the authorities need to understand that these road conditions are putting lives at risk.

Talking to Greater Kashmir, Chief Engineer, Srinagar Smart City Limited (SSCL), Abdul Qayoom Kirmani said that the macadamisation of roads was set to commence on May 4 evening.

He said that macadamisation would start from Nawa Bazaar Road, followed by Karan Nagar and Jehangir Chowk.

Kirmani said that the initiation of work is contingent upon favourable weather conditions.

“There is a need to allocate parking areas for vehicles during the construction process,” he said.

Acknowledging the necessity for patience in developmental projects, Kirmani said that efforts were underway to expedite the road repair works.

He said that the SSCL has set a target for completing all the work by June.

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