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Ship of the Desert sails in Srinagar! Camels become centre of attraction in city

Srinagar man gets camels all way from Rajasthan for Eid-ul-Adha
06:47 AM Jun 16, 2024 IST | Auqib Salam
Srinagar man gets camels all way from Rajasthan for Eid-ul-Adha--Photo: Mubashir Khan

Srinagar, June 15: The ship of the Desert is literally sailing smooth in Srinagar! Coming all way from Rajasthan, camels have turned into one of the major attractions for people at Parimpora which is one of the hubs for the sale of sacrificial animals on the holy occasion of Eid-ul-Adha.

Over the years, many people in Srinagar have purchased camels for sacrificial purposes on Eid. At Parimpora, one of the traders had bought camels all the way from Rajasthan for sale as sacrificial animals. Many people stopped on the spot and inquired about the rates. Videos of camels making their way to Srinagar markets have been surfacing on social media.


“We have bought these all the way from Rajasthan. It is a hectic task to bring these here, but since the occasion of Eid is so important, it is worth it. Many people are showing interest in buying it,” said Firdous Ahmad.

He said that the camels weighed around six quintals and cost between one and two lakh rupees. Many people confirmed the rates of these camels and expressed their willingness to buy them.


“A camel is sacrificed by at least seven people. Many people can pool money and buy such animals on the occasion of Eid. I also visited many markets and found it very interesting when I saw that camels are here for sale on Eid. Eid is an important and holy event, and everyone should try their best to purchase the best possible animal for sacrificial purposes,” said Ashraf Ahmad, a local from Srinagar.

The camel is the only means of transport found in deserts and is called the Ship of Desert.

In addition to camels, many were seen displaying specially reared oxen, buffalo, and sheep with a mammoth price tag. In Eidgah, many people had bought these sheep and even named them.

“We are five family members and brought this sheep up with the best possible food and care. It is about the love for Eid that people are buying expensive animals that are reared with care. I am selling my sheep for 40 thousand rupees. It is beautiful and very healthy, and people are showing a lot of interest in it,” said a seller at Eidgah Srinagar.

Many people have reared Oxen and are selling them for over one lakh rupees. They say they have waited for years and put their sweat and blood into raising these animals.

“Sacrificing animals on Eid is a holy task, and people are trying to buy the most special and best animals. This is all about the sacred passion, and we are also hopeful to get some good customers,” said Abdul Rehman, another seller.