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Security forces have upper hand; control over situation: DGP Swain

In a related question, DGP informed that at present around 110 foreign terrorists were active across J&K while 23 local terrorists were operating in Kashmir region and four in Jammu region.
05:34 AM Jul 04, 2024 IST | SHUCHISMITA
security forces have upper hand  control over situation  dgp swain

Jammu, July 3: Director General of Police R R Swain Wednesday stated that the security forces and enforcement agencies were enjoying an upper hand even while tackling twin challenges posed by gun-toting foreign terrorists and their facilitators in J&K.


In an interaction with select-media here, DGP, while describing varying contours of security situation, stated there was visible change (in security situation), especially in Kashmir and this was evident in the rhythm of life being witnessed there and recent overwhelming participation of people in Lok Sabha elections.


He asserted that police (and for that matter other security forces also), without going into political view points or narratives vis-a-vis contours of security, were working fully within the parameters of law. He stated that they were determined to enforce rule of law, strictly and fearlessly, with the objective to save lives and remove fear and trepidation, in the true spirit of laws passed by lawmakers of the Indian State.


DGP also informed that in a major decision, J&K Police had ordered immediate deployment of 960 recently pass-out police constables on ‘anti-infiltration’ and ‘anti-terror’ front.


With regard to the number of terrorists presently active in J&K, he said that there were 110 foreign terrorists in J&K while the number of local terrorists operating in Kashmir and Jammu regions was 23 and 4 respectively.





Referring to frequent media queries about the security situation, DGP said, “General query is - how can the security situation be called good or satisfactory when the (terror-related) incidents continue to take place in (Kashmir) valley and in Jammu region? Questions are asked as to how bad or critical the security situation is. Media persons generally share this opinion that there remains a sense of trepidation or fear among masses on this account (security situation) either due to lack of flow of information or detailed clarity on the aspect. Just to allay these apprehensions or fears, I’ll reiterate that we’re confronting a security situation. However, we can have a debate to decide about the degree in relative terms as to how critical the situation is. We will come across varying opinions as for some, the situation with the same level and frequency of violence will be critical while for others, it may not be (critical). But the fact remains – still the security forces, law enforcement (agencies) have an upper hand and control (over the situation). They (security forces) still wield desired influence and their strength to maintain orderliness is intact.”

“If you talk in terms of the number or strength of terrorists, local recruitment in the Valley, law and order, street violence, stone pelting, there is significant improvement. The degree of fear (among masses) is certainly less than what it used to be four or five years ago. It is evident from the overall rhythm of life, being witnessed in the form of educational institutions, public facilities, hospitals, shops or public transport. We have a system, a rhythm of life,” he said.


In the same breath, DGP said, “There are foreign terrorists, who have managed to infiltrate. Entire security establishment is aware of it and it is not shying away from admitting it (presence of foreign terrorists). As I’ve stated earlier also, we’ve a long porous border encompassing jungles, nullahs and riverines etc. We confront topography and terrain related challenges. The enemy is finding newer and newer mechanisms to push in foreign terrorists (this side).”

“Challenge is also on the front of the terror eco-system, comprising few persons, supporting and assisting, terrorists. Like any other society, we too have some individuals, who for money or other reasons, like to be a part of this crime syndicate of terrorism and secessionism, supported by the hostile neighbour and powers across. Both these challenges viz., the challenge of guns posed by foreign terrorists and second related to their (terrorists’) facilitators are being dealt with firmly and in a planned manner,” DGP said.

He asserted that while the challenge posed by gun-toting foreign terrorists was being tackled by the security forces, comprising JKP, army, central armed paramilitary forces and other sister agencies, in perfect synergy.

“Challenge, on account of treacherous facilitators or collaborators of terrorists, is also being dealt with, under law by our professionally very competent investigative agencies like NIA, SIA and also the police teams within J&K Police. They would investigate the crimes of these facilitators, aiding and abetting terrorism and terrorists.”

“There is order and there’s visible change in the situation, especially in the Valley.  Election, itself, is evidence of it. Overwhelming participation in the election became possible as there was no fear. Earlier such an overwhelming participation in elections used not to be there due to fear of terrorists or separatists,” top cop of J&K further elaborated contours of improved security situation.


In a related question, DGP informed that at present around 110 foreign terrorists were active across J&K while 23 local terrorists were operating in Kashmir region and four in Jammu region.


DGP Swain, while responding to a question about the criticism of JKP and other security forces from some political quarters vis-a-vis their (security forces’) approach and policy being executed to tackle terrorism and law and order situation, said that they (police) were strictly working within the parameters of law, passed by lawmakers.

“We (security forces) don’t view or analyse the situation in terms of (political) narrative. Nevertheless, it is the magnanimity of the Indian State and its liberal democratic system which allows even contrarian view points,” he said.

DGP asserted, “Without going into political view points or narratives vis-a-vis contours of security, the police and law enforcement agencies were determined to enforce rule of law, in the true spirit of laws passed by lawmakers of Indian State, strictly and fearlessly.”

“Existing law, passed by our lawmakers, is clearly against a narrative or an ideology, supporting violence, terrorism or separatism; glorifying ideology which promotes loss of lives. So we’re strictly following the law and acting accordingly,” he said.

“Our policy has worked and is working as it has been successful in saving the lives of civilians, security personnel and more importantly our youngsters. If someone says that a particular narrative must be allowed to flourish even if lives are lost, it is against the spirit of law of the land; not passed by us but our esteemed lawmakers. So we are working fully within the parameters of law,” he said.


Responding to a related question, DGP said that in a major decision, J&K Police ordered immediate deployment of 960 recently pass-out police constables on ‘anti infiltration’ and ‘anti-terror’ front.

He informed that these police personnel, passed out from PTS Talwara last week only, were recruited in police under a special recruitment criterion of border area recruitment.

“560 of these personnel have been posted in areas of Jammu province and remaining in Kashmir. We have clearly imposed a ban on deployment of these cops on PSO, Crime, Guard, Office duties categorising their work only for ‘anti infiltration’ and ‘anti-terror’ duties to enhance security of the general area,” DGP said.

“Security establishment is aware that they are an effective part of our steel-frame work (security grid). Local SPOs, VDGs and local police form an enabling force in effectively fighting war against terrorism. We have directions from the top (Centre) as well to restructure and re-energise VDGs and SPOs and that is exactly what is being done,” Swain said.