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Science workshop conducted at Dagger Science Park Baramulla

02:01 AM Jun 14, 2024 IST | Syed Rizwan Geelani

Baramulla, June 13: The Aseem Foundation on Thursday inaugurated the maiden science workshop at the newly established Dagger Science Park in Baramulla town.

This event marks the introduction of the first-ever science park in the region which has been established in the town, aiming at fostering love for science among young minds. The workshop which was held on Thursday featured engaging sessions on Robotics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.


The workshop was designed to motivate students to learn through hands-on experience and it covered an array of fascinating topics such as microscope usage, obstruction detective robots, invisibility techniques, and Newton’s Laws.

“Each concept was carefully chosen to align with the class 8th science curriculum and we ensured that these sessions prove fruitful for the students,” President Aseem foundation, Sarang Gosawi said.


He said the foundation believes that experiential learning is key to developing a genuine interest in science. “Our goal is to make science fun and accessible which will encourage the students to explore and enjoy the subject,” he said.

The day-long workshop witnessed the participation of students from different schools. Besides the workshop, the Aseem Foundation will hold a science quiz in the park on Friday and students from 11 schools across the region are likely to participate in the event.

“The event aims to further stimulate students’ curiosity and knowledge in science. The event has been organised to provide a platform to the students to showcase their ability and knowledge,” Sarn Goswami said.

Notably, the Dagger Science Park, with its state-of-the-art facilities, was thrown open in Baramulla ahead of the reopening of the schools, earlier this year. The project has been established to actively engage the students with scientific concepts through games and simulations.

The park, constructed at Ushkura area near Baramulla has been established by a Pune based NGO-Aseem foundation in collaboration with the 19 infantry division of Indian Army.