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Rs 12000 attendance fine: SSM College students cry foul, term step harsh

No such fine will be imposed: Vice Chairperson SSM College
05:39 AM Jul 09, 2024 IST | Syed Rizwan Geelani
rs 12000 attendance fine  ssm college students cry foul  term step harsh

Srinagar, July 8: Amid complaints from students alleging that SSM College of Engineering and Technology, Pattan, was charging hefty fines of Rs 12,000 for attendance shortages, the college administration has clarified that no such fine would be imposed on the students.


The students complained that the institution was charging hefty amounts as fines on those with attendance shortages.


One of the students from the Finance Department said that the college was charging Rs 12,000 as a fine for having a shortage in attendance. The students said that the decision had disproportionately affected those students who belong to poor families and struggle to pay the semester fees.


“Instead of offering us support, the college authorities are adding to our miseries,” a student said, wishing not to be named.


The student said that the SSM College authorities were charging them Rs 12000 for the shortage.


“The college has already fixed Rs 65,000 as semester fee and now these additional charges too,” a student of the Finance Department said.


The students said that the fee charged by the college for having an attendance shortage was too high and the students could not afford it.


“We are already paying a significant amount in tuition and other fees,” another student said.

The parents of the students also expressed their anger over the move saying that such policies add a burden on the families.

“The college authorities should come up with other solutions to overcome attendance issues,” a parent said.

The students urged the college authorities to immediately review the decision and come up with other measures which do not put financial pressure on students.

“We are not against maintaining attendance percentage which is fixed as per the rules. But the current approach of the college with students is unfair and it seems that the college authorities are converting this opportunity into a money-minting exercise,” the students said. Talking to Greater Kashmir, Principal of SSM College, Sajad Hussain Din said that the college was not imposing any fine on the students for having a shortage in attendance.

"Mostly our students do not have a shortage in attendance as we keep students updated about their attendance. But still, if any, student has faced problems, he or she should approach the college administration,” Hussain said.

He said that they strictly adhere to the guidelines set by the University of Kashmir (KU).

“The students only pay the admission fees, semester fees, bus fees, and examination fees. We do not charge any hefty amount as fine from students having shortage in attendance,” he said.

Vice Chairperson SSM College, Dilafrose Qazi clarified that no such fine would be imposed on the students.

“It is news to me that any student of SSM College has been asked to pay Rs 12000 as a fine for having an attendance shortage. We have put a system in place wherein no student faces a shortage of attendance and no one has to pay any fine,” she said.