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‘Revisiting Thought, Art and Philosophy of Laleshwari’ | Lal opened gateway to women, stood up against atrocities through philosophy: KU VC

12:00 AM May 30, 2024 IST | GK NEWS SERVICE
‘revisiting thought  art and philosophy of laleshwari’   lal opened gateway to women  stood up against atrocities through philosophy  ku vc

Srinagar, May 29:  To delve into the contributions of Laleshwari to the composite culture of Kashmir, her philosophical thoughts, feminist perspectives and her influence as a visionary, the University of Kashmir (KU) in collaboration with the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR), New Delhi, Wednesday inaugurated a 2-day national seminar here.


Titled, ‘Revisiting Thought, Art and Philosophy of Laleshwari through Various Sources of Kashmir History’, the seminar explored the life, philosophy and legacy of Laleshwari, a revered 14th-century mystic and poetess, variously known as Lal Ded, Lala Arifa and Laleshwari.


On the occasion, KU Vice Chancellor, Prof Nilofer Khan, said there’s a need to understand the importance of research and that one has to be assertive while undertaking projects.


“Try to identify research gaps and try to know how to fill those gaps,” she said, adding that KU is investing in the upscaling of resources and infrastructure and is promoting cultural and historical studies across its campuses.


“Lal opened the gateway to women of the entire world as she stood up against atrocities and simultaneously presented her philosophical thoughts to the world,” she maintained.


Former Head, Department of Kashmiri, KU, Prof Shafi Shouq, in his keynote said that her works are key to understanding Kashmiri Shivism and aesthetics.


“Laleshwari possesses a profound knowledge of mysticism and spirituality,” he said, while highlighting the transformative power of her religious, philosophical and aesthetic works in contemporary times.


KU Registrar, Prof Naseer Iqbal, pitched for publishing the works of Lal Ded in different languages.

He said, “Every subject, stream and department has its importance and the varsity is going the extra mile to utilise its resources for ensuring a renewed approach towards academics and research.”

Assistant Director, ICHR, Dr Vinod Kumar, outlined the institute’s various schemes, fellowships and grants for researchers and faculty.

“Our efforts to promote Laleshwari's legacy will further enrich our understanding of the Reshi cultural heritage,” he said.

Former Head, Department of Kashmiri, KU, Prof Shad Ramzan, said: “Content and language are the two key elements of a literary work; we need to dig deep and approach the roots to understand Lal’s greatness.”

Noted Broadcaster, All India Radio, Kashmir, Dr Satish Vimal, said: “We tend to understand Lal’s works in a tight frame - as we are imprisoned in frames, we are reluctant to widen the horizon of exploration.”

Head, Department of Persian, Prof Aejaz Mohammed Sheikh, underlined the significance of Laleshwari’s poems in shaping the social, spiritual, mystic and philosophical beliefs of Kashmir.

“Her teachings transcend religious boundaries and continue to inspire scholarly debate and address social issues,” he said.

Seminar Convenor, Dr Jahangir Iqbal, emphasised the need to introduce and educate the masses about the significance of the Sharda language.

“We need to highlight the contributions of various Kashmiri scholars whose efforts ensured the preservation of our legacy,” he added.

The international peer-reviewed departmental journal ‘DANISH’ and the book ‘Kaeshri Zabaani Te Shaeiree Peatth Faarsi Asar (Afghan Daur)’ were also released during the session.