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Restore statehood to J&K before assembly polls: Altaf Bukhari to central govt

‘Release prisoners, revoke AFSPA, reinstate gazetted holiday on July 13’ Addresses important meeting of Apni Party
05:00 AM Jul 02, 2024 IST | GK NEWS SERVICE
restore statehood to j k before assembly polls  altaf bukhari to central govt
Apni Party demands full-fledged Statehood before Assembly polls, release of prisoners

Srinagar, July 1: Apni Party President Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari today urged the central government to restore statehood to Jammu and Kashmir before holding assembly elections here.


According to a press release he was addressing an important party meeting here. Later, senior party leader Muntazir Mohiuddin gave details of the meeting at a press conference. The meeting aimed to discuss party matters, pressing public issues, and outline future strategies.


During the meeting Bukhari emphasised that the statehood must be the same as it was before August 5, 2019. He stated that Delhi-like statehood will not be acceptable to Apni Party.


The Apni Party President reiterated his demand for the release of detainees and revocation of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in the J&K. Bukhari also called for reinstating the gazetted holiday on July 13, commemorating the martyrs of 1931. He said that official commemoration of the martyrs’ day on July 13 should be allowed as it used to be earlier. The Apni Party president urged the government to fill the vacant posts in the government departments.


Bukhari emphasised that Apni Party is a regional party committed to serving and protecting the rights of the people. He said that Apni Party is focused on a pro-people agenda and has no affiliations or alliances with any other political organizations.


Regarding the restoration of Jammu and Kashmir's statehood, Bukhari stated, “To safeguard the rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, it is essential to restore statehood even before conducting assembly elections. Therefore, I urge the central government to fulfill its commitment regarding the restoration of statehood to J&K prior to the elections.”


He emphasised that the “statehood for Jammu and Kashmir must be the same as it was before August 5, 2019. Any distortion to that statehood or any attempt to impose a Delhi-like statehood will not be acceptable to the Apni Party, and we will oppose it tooth and nail.”


Expressing displeasure over halting civilian traffic on highways to prioritize security forces and Amarnath Yatris, Apni Party president criticised, “Disturbing reports indicate civilians are being stranded on highways for long periods to facilitate security forces and pilgrims. This injustice subjects common people to immense suffering during these hot summer days.”

“We welcome the Amarnath Yatra and want the administration to provide all the required facilities for pilgrims to perform their religious pilgrimage. However, facilitating the yatris should not come at the cost of denying civilians their rights or subjecting them to sufferings,” he said.

In advocating for the release of detainees, Bukhari urged, “I request the government to release the detainees who have been detained for quite a long time. With the improved situation and efforts towards sustained peace, these individuals should be reunited with their families to resume normal lives.”

He continued, “Similarly, police verification for job applicants or passport seekers should not be unduly delayed, causing unnecessary hardships to thousands of youngsters without just cause.”

Highlighting issues of unemployment and inflation, Bukhari urged the government to promptly fill vacant posts in government departments in accordance with laws and regulations as soon as possible so the up trending unemployment rate is controlled.

Condemning the attempted demolition of a mosque in Kathua, Bukhari demanded that those responsible must face legal consequences. He emphasized, “The revenue records confirm the land belonged to Muslims even in 1930, and they built a mosque on it. Authorities must ensure such incidents do not recur.”

Apni Party President also called for a reduction in electricity tariffs, noting the burden on low-income families due to recent increases in fees. He urged the government to provide relief to those affected.