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Reopening of schools

All the best to all students
12:00 AM Feb 29, 2024 IST | GK EDITORIAL DESK

Government and private schools are re-opening now after winter vacations. After the reopening, the annual examinations will be held and the students promoted to next classes. All the best to all the students. Hopefully this year also the students focus on their studies at schools and homes as per the requirement.

Getting education is not only about passing examination, and later getting jobs. Through education and the upbringing at homes a child has to develop into a responsible citizen. As responsible citizens during their youth or later they have to work positively for their betterment and betterment of their families, workplaces and the society.


It is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to inculcate good values and principles among the students and make them disciplined and help them to deal with day-to-day stress and failures and success in life with positivity. Usually most children watch their family members or even teachers and try to follow what they do.

The parents and teachers too have to reform themselves if needed so that their kids or students too follow them in a positive way. The problem of growing disconnect due to excessive use of mobile phones by the members of a family has to be addressed.


The children do not always need mobile phones to play games or to use internet, but they need the proper guidance, emotional and mental support of their parents as well. In absence of such guidance and support, the kids can develop as unguided and insecure persons, who fail to do something productive for the society.

Not only children, youth too need proper guidelines and support of their families, teachers and overall society. Unlike past, the youth of today face lot of challenges at various levels.

The tougher competition, growing unemployment, and shrinking job opportunities, both in government and private sectors, are some of the main problems. More job opportunities need to be created in both the sectors.

A system based on merit and justice should be provided at government and non- government levels. At the same time youth should be properly guided and counselled to handle stress. Family support is very important.

Unfortunately, the drug addiction or substance abuse is on the rise. The family heads must ensure that his or her members do not fall prey to this menace. Strict measures are needed against those who are involved in drug trade.