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Remnants of terrorism being wiped out in J&K: LG

'Imperative to fight in unison against those promoting, justifying or condoning terrorism'
03:43 AM Jan 27, 2024 IST | GK NEWS SERVICE
remnants of terrorism being wiped out in j k  lg

Jammu, Jan 26: Describing J&K as the “resilient image of a self-confident India”, the Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha Friday asserted that the government was making all out efforts to wipe out the remnants of terrorism from the Union Territory (UT).


“We will not rest until we strike the last nail in the coffin of terror ecosystem and the proxy war of the neighbouring country,” he stated while addressing the gathering after unfurling national flag at the UT level function on the occasion of the 75th Republic Day, at M A Stadium this morning.


LG Sinha pointed out that for sustainable development, it was imperative to fight in unison against those who were promoting, justifying or condoning terrorism.

In the same breath, he spelt out that his government’s first resolution for the year 2024 was to “lay the foundation of a new society for the new generation, energized with new skills, modern knowledge and a plethora of resources, together contributing in rapid progress of the country.”


Citing “constitutional obligation” as the reason behind “slight delay” in elections to Panchayats, ULBs, he also cautioned tribal people against those who were trying to provoke them. He described those attempting to mislead Gujjars-Bakerwals as “enemies of nation.”


The Lieutenant Governor reiterated the commitment of his government for resettlement of minority communities and Kashmiri Pandits with dignity and honour.  Asserting that the tourism emerged as new way of life for J&K in the past few years, he reassured that the dream of ‘railway connectivity to Kashmir’ would be fulfilled this year.




The Lieutenant Governor stated that for sustainable development, the society would have to be united, courageous and disciplined to fight against those who were promoting, justifying or condoning terrorism.

“We need to foil the efforts of terror ecosystem which is trying to draw sustenance and support from individuals or groups. We must isolate such elements who are using double standards to justify terror acts. I assure every citizen that this government, with firm resolve, will pursue incredible opportunities for everyone so they can shape their own destiny, and discover new aspirations,” he said.


Reiterating the commitment to strengthen democracy in J&K, he said, “The real strength of our democracy lies at the grassroots. The administration was fully prepared to conduct timely elections in all Panchayats and Urban Local Bodies, however owing to constitutional obligations to extend reservation and rationalization, the process has been slightly delayed.”

“I assure everyone that under the leadership of the Prime Minister, a strong three-tier Panchayati Raj system has been established in Jammu and Kashmir, and we are committed to empower local government institutions and strengthen grassroots governance,” he said.


Referring to the progress in the field of road and rail infrastructure, LG Sinha said that Jammu and Kashmir was scaling new horizons.

“The dream of railway connectivity from Kashmir to Kanyakumari shall be fulfilled this year. Work on the Delhi-Amritsar-Katra Expressway and the Akhnoor-Poonch road is progressing at breakneck speed. In the last year, 16 new bridges were constructed for improvement in connectivity.”


He described “midnight New Year celebrations at Lal Chowk by locals and tourists from across the country” as “testimony to positive wind, peace, ambition of common man and growing economic might of smart cities of Jammu and Kashmir.”

“Efforts for smart mobility, digital governance, and sustainable development have made Jammu and Srinagar a new model of urban transformation, fostering healthy competition for quality living in smaller towns,” he said.


The Lieutenant Governor stated that the efforts of the government to improve the electricity sector had begun to yield unprecedented results.

“Four major Hydropower projects – Pakal Dul,Ratle, Kiru, and Kwar - are under execution at rapid pace. For the first time since independence, Gurez Valley in northern Kashmir has been connected to the electricity grid. In the past year, a record capacity of 2964 MVA in the distribution sector and 2955 MVA in the transmission sector has been added,” he said.

“The process of installing smart pre-paid meters is underway in mission mode and there has been successful reduction of 15 percent in metered area losses. I urge all citizens to support the administration in strengthening the electricity infrastructure. All citizens should pay their bills on time, fulfilling their constitutional duties towards the nation,” LG Sinha said.


He said he always emphasized that transformation of Jammu and Kashmir could only be achieved by empowering the tribal community.

“Some nefarious elements with vested interests attempted to provoke the sentiments of the Gujjar Bakerwal brothers regarding reservations. I want to assure the entire community that under the guidance of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, we shall strive continuously to provide you with all facilities, including reservations to improve your standard of living and making you self-reliant. Those who are attempting to mislead our Gujjar Bakerwal brothers are enemies of the nation's unity and integrity,” he said, while enumerating initiatives taken for the tribal community in Jammu and Kashmir.

“After a two decade wait, forest rights have been granted to the tribal community and efforts have been made to provide facilities to tribal brothers and sisters that hitherto were beyond imagination. Transportation facilities are being provided to migratory tribal families, a provision that did not exist before 2019. Prime Minister's Van Dhan Vikas Yojana has been implemented to empower tribal mothers and sisters both socially and economically,” he said.


Reiterating commitment of Jammu & Kashmir administration for the resettlement and welfare of minority communities and Kashmiri Pandit families, LG Sinha said, “Last year, new housing infrastructure with all essential facilities was inaugurated for PM Package employees in Baramulla, Bandipora, Ganderbal, and Shopian. During the current fiscal year, construction of a total of 3,000 houses will be completed. All pending promotions have been approved, and promotions from non-gazetted to gazetted categories have been approved in the shortest possible time, as a first.”

“I assure you all that we are making every effort towards ensuring that every citizen lives a life of prosperity in a dignified and honourable manner. In Kashmir Valley, all PM Package and minority community employees have been stationed at secure locations. Nodal officers have been appointed in every district and Raj Bhavan to address their security and other issues,” he said.

“After a long wait of decades, refugees from West Pakistan residing in Jammu, Samba and Kathua will be given land ownership rights. Apart from families coming from West Pakistan, refugees who have been victims of discrimination in Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Chhamb for decades, are now recognized as citizens of this great nation and they are being provided equal rights and legal privileges,” the Lieutenant Governor remarked.

At the very outset of his address, he paid homage to the “brave-hearts of Jammu and Kashmir Police, Armed Forces and Central Armed Police Forces who laid down their lives in safeguarding the unity and integrity of the nation.”

“I salute the courageous soldiers, who are guarding our borders in the snow-clad mountains and dense forests, whose sacrifices, valour, and unwavering determination have ensured the pride of our beloved tricolour,” he said.

Stating that the past decade had been a decade of realizing dreams of countrymen, he asserted that for the next 25 years, the aim was to build a developed India by fulfilling the aspirations of future generations.


He said that the resilient image of a self-confident India was reverberating in new Jammu and Kashmir. “The dream of a free life and social equality has been realized. We have made sincere efforts to build a modern Jammu and Kashmir, which represents the ambition of the common man. A Jammu and Kashmir, where policies are framed with the ideals and values of humanity, where merit is valued, and an environment of peace and tranquility prevails,” he said.

“Over a period of just four years, overcoming countless challenges, we have built a new Jammu and Kashmir standing tall and self-reliant,” he said.


The Lieutenant Governor said that he had full faith in the ability of youth and the government was committed to create conducive environment and help them to achieve long-term goals and new dreams.

“The pace of inclusive development in Jammu and Kashmir is unprecedented. We are determined to strengthen it further with a strong partnership with people. Our biggest challenge today is drug abuse among the youth and we must come together to tackle it,” he said.

“Our culture says, "Sa Gha Veero Na Rishyati" - a brave person never perishes. I call upon every generation to come together and support us in building the Jammu and Kashmir of your dreams. Let us build a Jammu and Kashmir where youth get equal opportunities, where women-led development paves the pathways for unprecedented economic growth and social stability. Let us move into a new future with unity, peace and commitment to write a new destiny of Jammu and Kashmir,” LG Sinha stated.


The Lieutenant Governor said that the first resolution for the year 2024 was to lay the foundation of a new society for the new generation, -energized with new skills, modern knowledge and a plethora of resources, together contributing in rapid progress of the country.

“The successful conclusion of the G20 summit, on the one hand familiarized the entire world with the economic strength, business capabilities, cultural prosperity, and tourism possibilities of Jammu and Kashmir and on the other, dealt a resounding blow to terrorists and enemies of humanity. We have made sincere efforts to revive the traditional wisdom, values of thousands year old civilization, strengthen inclusive cultural ecosystem, promotion of cultural assets along with economic growth for industrial society,” he said.


He said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the ‘Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra’ campaign had reached the doorsteps of beneficiaries to ensure 100 percent saturation of flagship schemes. “Today marks the last day of this yatra, and I am pleased to note that Jammu and Kashmir has maintained its tradition of being at the forefront in such campaigns throughout the country. Almost 4 million people from the Union Territory participated in this Yatra, setting a new record,” he said.


The Lieutenant Governor said that the government over the past few years fulfilled the dreams of millions of youths by making them job creators.

“On the eve of Republic Day, economic assistance of Rs 1384 Cr has been provided to 94,680 young entrepreneurs of Jammu and Kashmir, who as job creators will contribute significantly in strengthening our economy. Starting from the financial year 2021-22 until now, opportunities for self-employment have been provided to 8.34 lakh youths. Merit-based recruitment has been ensured for 31,830 positions in the government, and recruitment process for 12,264 new positions is underway. 882 compassionate appointments cases have been approved last year, providing an opportunity for a dignified life to the families of brave martyrs and those affected by the untimely loss of primary breadwinners,” he said.


He stated that some path-breaking initiatives had been taken to further the interests of farmers, leading to unprecedented improvement in their incomes.

“Under the Holistic Agriculture Development Program, 29 projects are being implemented on ground at a cost of Rs. 5,013 Cr, to ensure comprehensive development of this sector. This plan is expected to bring monumental changes in the lives of 13 lakh farmer families. An investment of Rs 28,000 Cr shall be made in GSDP, generating employment opportunities for an additional three lakh people. In 72 years, the capacity of CAA (Controlled Atmosphere Storage) was developed to the tune of only 1.35 lakh metric tons. Within the short period of just three years, an additional capacity of 2.44 lakh metric tons of cold storage has been generated with substantial investment. Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Scheme has been implemented in all 20 districts and efforts are underway to implement the scheme in the horticulture sector,” he said.

“In order to ensure economic security for farmer families, a total of 14.83 lakh Kisan Credit Cards have been distributed so far. The yellow revolution has provided a new source of income for farmers in Kashmir. There has been an increase of 11,000 hectares of area under vegetable cultivation in the Union territory and three new agricultural products, Sulai Honey, Bhaderwah Rajmash and Mushkbudji, have received GI tags.To ensure fair prices for the farm produce of Jammu and Kashmir, a total of 23 mandis have been integrated with e-NAM,” he added.

Sharing future endeavours in this direction, LG Sinha said that the government was actively working towards the goal of doubling milk production by 2027 through the Jammu and Kashmir Dairy Mission, benefitting 6.6 lakh farmers.


Giving a detailed account of the “industrial revolution” in J&K, he said that investment proposals of Rs. 90,182 Cr had been received so far, which would directly provide employment opportunities to more than four lakh people.

“After 2019, industrial investment of more than Rs 12,000 Cr has either been realized on the ground or is in the pipeline. 46 new industrial estates are being developed to fulfil the goal of 'Made in Jammu and Kashmir',” he said.


“The lithium mines at Reasi will create new opportunities for investment, employment, adding another dynamic dimension to the economic journey of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.


The Lieutenant Governor stated that Jammu and Kashmir was one of the fastest-growing States and UTs in the country.

“This is testified by the fact that in the previous financial year, there was a recorded growth rate of 35 percent in GST revenue collection, which is higher than the national average. In the current financial year, excise revenue collection has witnessed a growth rate of 29.46 percent so far and stamp revenue collection has recorded a growth rate of 11 percent,” he said, while elaborating measures to secure the future of workers in the unorganized sector, artisans and weavers.


Enumerating path-breaking changes in the education sector to effectively, efficiently and comprehensively implement the National Education Policy, he said, “We are hopeful that collective action will lay the foundations of a knowledge economy.”

“New generations are being provided opportunities to learn next generation technology through initiatives such as College on Wheels, entrepreneurship programs, promotion of startup culture and engineering kitchens,” he said, while giving a detailed account of the expansion of educational infrastructure.

“Under the Pradhan Mantri Schools for Rising India (PM-SHRI) Yojana, approval has been granted for the upgradation of 233 schools in the first phase,” he mentioned.


He stated that under the Prime Minister’s Development Programme, construction of 21 tunnels, 39 flyovers, 26 bypasses, and 2 ring roads for Jammu and Srinagar cities, was underway.

Considering data of the 2001 census, all rural settlements had been connected under the Prime Minister's Gram Sadak Yojana, and work was underway to provide connectivity to the remaining villages figuring in the 2011 census data.


The Lieutenant Governor said that the digital revolution had provided new momentum to the development of Jammu and Kashmir and also contributed to the cause of transparent and corruption-free administration in the Union Territory. As a stark contrast to pre-2019, when only 60 services were available through the online mode, at present more than 1,000 public services were being made available online.

“The government has formulated a comprehensive AI strategy with a focus on areas like healthcare, agriculture, mobility, education, and law enforcement,” he said.


LG Sinha said that the government was ensuring a proper shelter along-with access to all basic facilities for every poor family. “Planned development of residential infrastructure in satellite cities is underway, with mass housing colonies and new townships being established in Kot Bhalwal, Chatterhama, and Gund Aksa. Under the Smart City Mission, Jammu and Srinagar have completed 191 projects at a cost of Rs 3,987 Cr. Currently, 70 projects are under execution with an estimated cost of Rs 3,228 Cr,” he said.

He said that infrastructural up-gradation of the health sector had resulted in unprecedented improvements in public health services.


LG Sinha said that tourism was a way of life for Jammu and Kashmir and reflected elevated spiritual experiences that contributed massively to the local economy.

“This paradise on earth witnessed a record influx of Rs 2.11 Cr tourists during the year 2023, and the G20 Summit held in Srinagar in May, 2023 led to a 2.5 times increase in the arrival of foreign tourists. Apart from popular tourist destinations like Gulmarg and Pahalgam, there is a significant influx of tourists in offbeat destinations, contributing to the strengthening of the local economy. In places like Shiv Khori, 2 million tourists visited last year, 1.05 million in Mansar-Surinsar, 1 million in Patnitop, 1 million in Doodhpathri, and 0.15 million in Lolab. After granting industry status to the tourism sector, investment in this sector has seen enormous growth,” he said.

These initiatives testified to the comprehensive development and progress of various sectors in Jammu and Kashmir, contributing to the well-being of its residents and the overall prosperity of the region.

“Pilgrimage to Shri Amarnath Ji and Shri Mata Vaishno Devi, with the highest number of devotees, showcases the deep spiritual connection of our holy places with the entire nation. Apart from off-beat tourist destinations, revival of tourism in border areas has strengthened the local economy,” he said.

He congratulated the youth of Jammu and Kashmir for setting new records in research and innovation and said that the Department of Industry Promotion and Internal Trade has granted recognition to 656 start-ups and in the past year, youth of Jammu & Kashmir have registered 297 new innovations and 134 patents.

“Apart from excellence in innovation, our youth are scripting new success stories in the field of sports. Para-archer Sheetal Devi and Rakesh Kumar have changed the history of the game with their perseverance and dedication. Their stories have inspired an entire generation to conquer new heights,” he said.

“Modern sports infrastructure has been developed for the bright future of young athletes. A sports village equipped with all facilities is being developed in Nagrota. All 60 stadia in the Union Territory have been made ready with all amenities and resources for night matches. So far, 93 Khelo India Centres have been established in all 20 districts,” he added.

LG Sinha said that for the welfare of differently-abled persons, the government had taken many steps to make them self-reliant and contributors in the journey of development.

“Utmost priority has been accorded to the nutrition of children and women. Information of 8.06 lakh beneficiaries is uploaded on the nutrition tracker for their continuous health monitoring. Initiatives like “Laadli Beti” and the “State Marriage Assistance Scheme” are restoring honour and respect to women in the society,” he said.

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