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Our Neglected Elders

12:00 AM Jun 02, 2024 IST | MANZOOR AKASH
our neglected elders

Will somebody hear us out?


We are a deprived lot, victims of shout.


We live in isolation, and aren’t prettily facial,


To our children, we aren’t now beneficial.


From depression, loneliness and separation-we suffer,


Kept confined within the walls, often referred duffer.


We are darkened by geriatric diseases, quite many-


Once young and energetic, though appear now funny!

At palatial edifices which seem to you so everlasting,

We are caged in solitude, so ghosting,

In banks where we our peanuts do disburse,

Through neglect, we are declared often a curse.

In hospitals where were go for care-taking,

We are pushed back, and made to wait,

Yet not a news breaking!

The lack of financial support and seclusion,

Dignity of care we deserve and want inclusion.

Do whatever you want to do with us,

Our time will pass somehow,

And then you’ll repent on your fuss.

In our presence, you ne’er realize us

And ne’er decently with us deal,

Our absences though you later feel;

And as charity distribute a meal.

Remember, you too will grow old,

Like us you won’t remain bold!

Your own progeny will do the same,

Whom you over us, so luxuriously tame.

Don’t we deserve a separate room?

In the hospitals like pediatrics,

Where generic care to us

Is provided under geriatrics.

Whatever we sow, oh, our dears,

So shall we reap!

For elderly wise, we always in the past peep!


Manzoor Akash is a columnist from Rafiabad