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KU directs offsite directors, faculty to avoid frequent visits to main campus

02:08 AM Apr 18, 2024 IST | Syed Rizwan Geelani

Srinagar, Apr 17: The authorities of the Kashmir University (KU) have directed the offsite satellite campus Directors and teachers to remain stationed in their campuses and do away with visiting the main campus of the varsity frequently.

As per the circular issued by the Assistant Registrar Administration, it has been stated that the frequent visits by the campus directors and the teachers to the main campus of KU hampers the working of the satellite campuses.


"It has been observed that the Directors, teachers and the other faculty of the satellite campuses are frequently visiting the main campus due to which the work at satellite campuses gets badly affected," the circular reads.

The varsity has directed the campus director and the faculty that the visit to main campus should be minimised and meetings at main campus should be attended through video conference or other online modes.


"Only in case of exigency , meetings can be attended physically after making proper arrangements at the respective campuses," the circular reads.

Amid these instructions, the official at KU informed Greater Kashmir that the campus directors frequently visit the main campus owing to their additional charges assigned at the main campus.

The official said that the Director Kupwara Campus is an additional assignment with a professor who is primarily heading the Department of Geography and Regional Development at main campus, Hazratbal. "This is hitting proper functioning of both Kupwara campus as well as the department at main campus," the official said.

He said that until the post of Director Kupwara campus would be filled up on a permanent basis, it was proper for the University authorities to give charge of Kupwara campus to the Director of North Campus.

"He can easily spend some time visiting Kupwara campus three days a week from Baramulla and oversee its functioning," the official said.

The official said the campus directors take additional allowances for charge of satellite campuses, yet are unable to visit there on a daily basis for unknown reasons, forcing the University to issue the current circular.

As already reported, there has been a steady decline in admissions at satellite campuses, as is evident from facts and figures, and most of this is attributed to lack of proper supervision at the helm.

"The campuses have seen very little development over the years in terms of infrastructure and augmentation of human resources. Most departments are manned by contractual staff especially in South Campus which is hampering its progression," the official said.

The KU official said the students are even faced with lack of basic amenities like proper bus service, hostel facilities and first aid.