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KCCI raises gamut of issues for economic revival

12:00 AM Jun 11, 2024 IST | GK NEWS SERVICE
kcci raises gamut of issues for economic revival
Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI)

Srinagar, June 10: A Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) delegation led by President Javid Ahmad Tenga, met with Chief Secretary Atal Dulloo to address pressing issues across various economic sectors.


The team submitted a comprehensive memorandum, urging the Chief Secretary to consider these matters and, where necessary, take them up with the Central Government.


Handicrafts Sector


KCCI highlighted the urgent need for a Pre-export Pashmina Testing Lab in Srinagar, accredited by NABL and the Wildlife Department. They emphasized that this lab should provide mandatory certification for customs clearance, reducing export delays. Additionally, they advocated for reducing the GST on handmade Kashmir Pashmina shawls from 12% to 5% and requested a separate HSN code for Pashmina and other high-value shawls.


Incentives under RoSCTL and RoDTEP


The KCCI raised concerns about the withdrawal of MEIS on shawl exports and the insufficient replacement incentives under RoSCTL. They pointed out that the current capping mechanism unfairly limits incentives for higher-value shawls and requested its removal.


Participation in Exhibitions


The Chamber stressed the need for greater participation of Kashmiri handicraft exporters in national and international exhibitions to recover from the economic impact of recent years, including COVID-19.

Inland Container Depot (ICD)

KCCI reiterated the long-standing demand for an ICD in Srinagar to streamline export processes for Kashmir’s handicrafts and horticultural products, enhancing economic growth in the region.

International Expo Mart

To capitalize on the growing international interest in Kashmir’s unique products, KCCI proposed the development of an International Expo Mart at the Tattoo Ground in Srinagar. This facility would help attract global buyers and boost local handicraft sales.

Upgrading CDI Infrastructure for GI Tagging

With the rising demand for GI-tagged products, KCCI urged the government to upgrade the Craft Development Institute's infrastructure and increase manpower to expedite the GI tagging process.

Tourism Sector

The Chamber discussed several tourism-related issues, including the cumbersome process for renewing tourist registration licenses due to inter-departmental NOCs. They proposed that renewals be made independent of these NOCs to facilitate the ease of doing business.

KCCI also called for the rapid development of new tourist destinations to alleviate pressure on existing spots and attract more tourists. They emphasized the need for permissions to renovate and reconstruct hotels and other tourist accommodations to meet modern standards.

Preservation of Heritage Houseboats

KCCI suggested measures to preserve Kashmir’s iconic houseboats, including urgent relief during natural calamities, permission for reconstruction, subsidized timber supplies, and upgraded firefighting services in Dal and Nigeen Lakes.

Environmental Concerns

KCCI recommended establishing sewage treatment plants and adequate toilet facilities in tourist areas to protect natural resources from the growing influx of visitors.

Industry and Infrastructure

Addressing industrial expansion, KCCI emphasized the need for robust infrastructure, including developed estates and reliable power and water supplies. They also called for reservation policies for startups and a revival of sick industrial units.

Horticulture Sector

KCCI urged the government to conduct a survey to identify areas for new CA storage facilities to support the growing horticulture industry. They also suggested promoting diversification in walnut and almond production.

Power Amnesty

The Chamber requested an amnesty for commercial power consumers, similar to the one granted to domestic users, to help struggling businesses.

Education Sector

KCCI asked for reconsideration of government orders affecting school affiliations and the reintroduction of previous practices for non-involvement in political activity certification.

Illegal River Bed Mining

KCCI highlighted the issue of illegal riverbed mining, which causes significant environmental damage and loss of public revenue. They urged stricter enforcement to address this problem.

Srinagar Smart City Project

While welcoming the development projects, KCCI expressed concerns over delays and urged timely completion to alleviate the difficulties faced by traders and the public.

Chief Secretary Atal Dullo assured the KCCI team of the necessary actions on the submitted suggestions. The meeting concluded with the President of KCCI thanking the Chief Secretary for his attentive and patient hearing.