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Kashmiri students in Kyrgyzstan safe: External Affairs Ministry tells JKSA

‘Air connectivity to India operational’
12:34 AM May 30, 2024 IST | GK NEWS SERVICE
kashmiri students in kyrgyzstan safe  external affairs ministry tells jksa
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Srinagar, May 29:  The External Affairs Ministry has informed that the Kashmiri students in Kyrgyzstan were safe, the Jammu and Kashmir Students Association (JKSA) said Wednesday.


“Responding to the letter of JKSA regarding the safety of Kashmiri students in Kyrgyzstan, the External Affairs Ministry said that Kashmiri students in Kyrgyzstan were safe and air connectivity to India was operational,” National Convenor of JKSA, Nasir Khuehami said in a statement issued here.


He said that the ministry, in its response to the association, informed that the situation in Bishkek was now stable and that Manas International Airport was accessible and air connectivity to India was operational with direct flights available.


The JKSA had earlier requested External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar for the evacuation of Indian students following mob attacks and violence in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.


He said that the ministry informed JKSA through a letter that there were no restrictions on the movement of transport or people.


The JKSA said that the ministry also stated that there are direct flights to India from Bishkek and through other cities like Almaty, Dubai, Istanbul, and Tashkent.


The students have been advised to plan their travel for vacation by commercial flights in consultation with their respective university administrations after completing their exams.


“The ministry also informed us that students have already started returning to India using commercial flights,” the JKSA said.

Khuehami said that they had received communication from the Indian Embassy in Bishkek as well.

“The Ambassador's office in Bishkek is regularly coordinating with us and has assured us of their full support in case any assistance is needed for Kashmiri students,” he said.

Meanwhile, the JKSA thanked the External Affairs Ministry for its timely intervention and prompt response, which has provided relief to the students and their families back home.

It said that both parents and their wards who were studying in Bishkek and other cities of Kyrgyzstan were satisfied with the response and intervention and with the way the embassy took the issue seriously with the Kyrgyz authorities.

“We have been informed that all the students are safe and secure, which has brought great relief to their families,” the JKSA said.