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J&K Police force further fine-tuned to strengthen fight against terrorism

Force bolstered with new appointments, regularisations, anti-terrorism unit
05:55 AM Jul 08, 2024 IST | SHABIR IBN YUSUF
j k police force further fine tuned to strengthen fight against terrorism

Srinagar, July 7: In a significant move to bolster the fight against terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, the J&K Police force has been further fine-tuned under the leadership of Director General of Police (DGP) Rashmi Ranjan Swain.


These steps are set to instil more courage and motivation among the ranks, enhancing the police force's capabilities to combat terrorism effectively.


Besides, DGP R R Swain's recent initiatives reflect a comprehensive approach to strengthening the J&K Police force.


By addressing the welfare of the families of fallen officers, recognizing the bravery of existing personnel, and expanding the force with recruits dedicated to anti-terrorism operations, the J&K Police chief aims to build a more resilient and motivated Police force.


These steps are expected to boost the morale of the personnel, ensuring that they remain steadfast in their commitment to eradicating terrorism from the region.




In a gesture of recognition and support, 36 passionate appointments have been made for the kin of J&K Police personnel who lost their lives in the line of duty.


“This initiative underscores the police department's commitment to the welfare of the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the safety and security of the nation,” one of the senior Police officers said. “The appointments aim to provide financial stability and a sense of purpose to the bereaved families, ensuring that the legacy of the fallen heroes lives on through their loved ones who will now serve the force.”


In another decision, nine Special Police Officers (SPOs) who played a crucial role in assisting security forces in killing two terrorists in the Hiranagar area of Kathua have been regularised as constables. “Their bravery and dedication in the face of danger have been duly recognized, and this regularization is a testament to the importance of their contributions,” the officer said adding that these SPOs demonstrated exceptional courage and operational acumen during the encounter, and their inclusion as regular Constables will undoubtedly strengthen the Police force’s operational capabilities.

“The SPOs were regularised for the good work they did. We have an SPO component in the police that must be taken care of separately and in a fast-forward mode. We went out of the usual procedure to regularize them on a fast track to reward them,” DGP Swain told reporters after giving them appointment letters at a function in the last week of June.

“The SPOs are performing well. We have an SOP to bring everyone together, whether SPO or otherwise, through conversion or felicitation,” he said.


In what can be called a strategic move to intensify anti-terrorism operations, 960 newly recruited policemen have been exclusively assigned to combat terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.

This dedicated unit will undergo specialised training to enhance their skills and preparedness for counter-terrorism missions.

The recruitment and deployment of these policemen are part of a broader strategy to create a robust and agile force capable of responding swiftly and effectively to terrorist threats.

Their induction marks a significant expansion of the Police force’s strength and resources, reinforcing the ongoing efforts to maintain peace and security in J&K. On Wednesday, Swain said their recruitment was done based on the area they came from.

“The selections will be made from the border areas and they will be deployed in the border areas,” Swain said adding that they would work only on anti-infiltration and anti-terrorism fronts and they would not be deployed as Personal Security Officers (PSOs) or in the office or for any other extra work.

He said that even their supervisory officers too have been strictly instructed that they cannot be shifted to other jobs than their original anti-infiltration and anti-terrorism work.

“You will deploy them only on anti-infiltration and anti-terrorism work so that the general area security gets enhanced and it becomes extremely difficult for the adversary to infiltrate and spread terror,” DGP Swain said.