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J&K assembly polls, restoration of statehood soon: PM Modi

‘Ram temple election issue for Congress, allies; not for BJP’
04:33 AM Apr 13, 2024 IST | SHUCHISMITA
j k assembly polls  restoration of statehood soon  pm modi

Udhampur, Apr 12: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Friday stated that assembly elections in J&K would be held soon – to be followed by restoration of statehood thus enabling people to “share their dreams with their own MLAs and ministers and also seek prompt resolution of their grievances.”


Assembly elections and statehood figured as an intrinsic part of his “magnificent vision for a transformed, peaceful, confident Jammu and Kashmir - the trailer of which is being witnessed in ground-breaking reforms post Article 370.” He asserted that he was re-dedicating himself to “carve this farsighted, striking picture of Naya Jammu and Kashmir.”


PM Modi was addressing an election rally in a stadium named after him (Modi stadium) in Udhampur in support of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidates from Udhampur and Jammu Lok Sabha seats.


Both the party candidates viz., Union Minister of State in PMO Dr Jitendra Singh and Jugal Kishore Sharma are reclaiming Udhampur and Jammu seats respectively, straight for the third time.


This was the PM's maiden election rally in Jammu and Kashmir in the 2024 parliamentary elections. As per party sources, the Prime Minister is likely to visit J&K again for campaigning in Kashmir


“My sisters and brothers of J&K have seen such a worst time earlier that they’re rejoicing even after witnessing a trickle of development. They (J&K people) are happy and content, presuming that this is the pinnacle of development. But mind it, Modi thinks too big; he is farsighted. His vision is futuristic. To him, whatever development or revolutionary transformation has taken place (in J&K) – is just a trailer. I’ve a stratagem in place for new Jammu and Kashmir and I’ve to fully dedicate myself to realise that new-fangled and magnificent vision (of J&K),” Modi stated.


“That time is not far-off when assembly elections will take place in Jammu and Kashmir. Its statehood will be restored. You (people) will be able to share your dreams with your own MLA(s) and your ministers. Grievances of every section of society will be redressed promptly. Ongoing works related to roads and rail (infrastructure) here will be completed at a swift pace. The number of big national and international companies (corporate houses) will multiply here aimed at making big-ticket investments here. Besides tourism, J&K will be known as a “sports and start-up hub” also. With this unflinching resolve, I’ll have to put J&K forward on a development trajectory,” the Prime Minister said while sharing his futuristic vision for J&K.


At this point, ingeniously, he chose to take a dig at his political opponents by describing them as an obstacle in his vibrant vision for J&K. “However, these dynastic political parties, which only remain committed to serve the interests of their families, are opposed to both development as well as heritage (legacy),” he said.


Touching the issue of (cultural) heritage, he brought his party’s main bête-noire Congress in his direct line of fire.

“You would have seen Congress’ hatred for Ram Mandir. If someone talks about it, Congress and its “entire eco-system” start crying hoarse by alleging that it (Ram temple) is an election-issue for BJP. Though as a matter of fact, it (Ram temple) was never; is not and will not ever be an election-issue. A struggle for it started when BJP was not even born. This struggle started 500 years ago when there was no concept of election here. When foreign invaders demolished temples here, Indian people’s struggle to protect their religious places began. For decades, they suffered so much – all for the sake of their faith,” Prime Minister said.

He alleged that the leaders of Congress and its allies, living in palatial houses, bungalows would drag them to court who would try to “change the seeping tent of Ram Lalla as it (tent) would leak during rains.”

“This was an assault on the faith of those billions of people who would consider Lord Ram as their deity. We had told these people that a day would come when a magnificent temple would be constructed for Ram Lalla. There are three important aspects to it which cannot be forgotten. One – this happened yet after an arduous struggle of 500 years. Secondly - This was done after following a proper legal recourse and a temple came into being through the spirit of law. Thirdly – the temple was not constructed using money from the government exchequer. People generously donated for its construction,” Modi said.

Accusing Congress and its allies of rejecting the invite of trustees for consecration (Pran-Pratishtha) of Ram temple due to their arrogance, he asked under what election game-plan they did so.

“In fact, for Congress and I.N.D.I.Alliance this was an election-issue while for the country, it was a matter of faith; it was victory of patience of billions of Ram devotees. When Congress during its rule opposed the construction of Ram temple – what was its electoral compulsion? All Ram devotees are witness to its arrogance; its electoral-plan. This was their (Congress and allies’) election game. What kind of appeasement policy was this when Congress described Lord Ram as an “imaginary figure”? Which vote-bank it was catering to? Congress and other parties of I.N.D.I.Alliance don’t care about the sentiments of the majority community of the country. Rather they derive sadistic pleasure by hurting its sentiments,” he said.

Referring to an instance, without naming anyone, PM Modi said, “They (Congress and allies) wilfully try to tease the majority community by not just eating mutton during the month of Saawan; cherishing non-veg during Navratri but deliberately posting its video(s) as well.”

“Everyone has the freedom to eat whatever one likes – veg or non-veg. But it is the intention (with which it is done) which is objectionable,” he stated, while drawing an analogy with “thought process of Mughals”, who, he said, “would not derive satisfaction by just defeating kings until they demolished temples as well to hurt the religious sentiments.”

“Since I’ve raised this issue, they will go full throttle against me – launch a verbal offensive. But when things, done with nasty intentions just for appeasement, exceed limits; this becomes my duty in a democracy to put things in right perspective before the masses. They need to remember when people respond; scions of big dynasties have to lose power. Don’t give an opportunity to such dynastic parties and the corrupt. Vote for Dr Jitendra Singh and Jugal Kishore Sharma to ensure their victory with a record margin,” he said, while seeking support for his party's candidates.

“After victory, I’ll come and relish the famous Kaladi of Udhampur, for sure,” he said, while striking an emotional chord with people.