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Jammu, Udhampur PCs | BJP manages lead over Congress in 29 out of 36 assembly segments

Congress-NC combine maintains tight-grip over Banihal, Gulabgarh segments
12:52 AM Jun 07, 2024 IST | SHUCHISMITA
jammu  udhampur pcs   bjp manages lead over congress in 29 out of 36 assembly segments
BJP leaders including Modi and party's regional president Ravindra Raina during a rally in Jammu's Udhampur during Lok Sabha Elections 2024. [Representational Image]

Jammu, June 6: Locked in a straight battle with its traditional opponent, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has managed its lead over Congress in twenty-nine out of total thirty-six assembly segments in Jammu and Udhampur parliamentary constituencies in the general elections-2024.


With assembly elections just two or three months away, alarm bells are ringing for BJP as in majority of assembly segments lead is slender and this has reflected in the drastic dip in over-all winning margin in both the parliamentary constituencies, as compared to 2019 LoK Sabha polls.


Party’s both candidates viz., Jugal Kishore Sharma and Dr Jitendra Singh have managed to score hat-tricks this time yet have found themselves trailing in seven assembly segments.


In case of Jammu parliamentary constituency, BJP candidate Jugal Kishore Sharma lagged behind Congress candidate Raman Bhalla in three assembly segments i.e., Gulabgarh (in Reasi district), Suchetgarh and R S Pura (in Jammu district).


Dr Jitendra Singh confronted a similar scenario in four assembly segments i.e., in Inderwal (in Kishtwar district), Bhaderwah, Doda (in Doda district) and Banihal (in Ramban district).


A glance of votes polled there in these seven assembly segments and scenario is clear that Congress and National Conference combine has maintained its tight grip, particularly in case of Banihal and Gulabgarh.


In Banihal, Chowdhary Lal Singh of Congress managed an overwhelming lead of 37,820 votes over Dr Jitendra. This is the highest lead scored by a candidate in these 36 assembly segments. Here (in Banihal) BJP polled 10486 and Congress 48306 votes while Democratic Progressive Azad Party (DPAP) candidate G M Saroori bagged DPAP 7107 votes.


Similarly, Raman Bhalla of Congress scored a substantial lead of 36517 votes over Jugal in Gulabgarh (ST) assembly segment. In this assembly segment, BJP got 12880 votes and Congress polled 49397 votes.

In Suchetgarh (SC), BJP polled 37442 votes and Congress 42248 votes. BJP found it trailing by 4806 votes; in R S Pura-Jammu South, BJP scored 37798 votes, Congress 44162. BJP lagged behind by 6364 votes.

In Inderwal, Dr Jitendra Singh got 11671 while Lal Singh bagged 16832 votes. Interestingly, G M Saroori, who has represented this constituency in the erstwhile J&K Legislative Assembly stood third here also with 10368 votes. BJP lagged behind Congress by 5161 votes. In Bhaderwah, BJP got 34402, Congress 35131 and DPAP 4399 votes. Congress managed a lead over BJP by 729 votes. Similarly in Doda, BJP polled 18229, Congress 37715 and DPAP 4671 votes. BJP lagged behind Congress by 19486 votes.


In the rest of the assembly segments in the Jammu parliamentary constituency, BJP was ahead of Congress yet the thin lead in many segments came as a wake-up call for it.

In Reasi, BJP got 34754 and Congress 24166 votes. BJP maintained lead by 10588 votes; in the newly carved Shri Mata Vaishno Devi segment, BJP polled 27838, Congress 14063 votes. BJP scored a lead of 13775 votes and in Ramgarh (SC) BJP managed a lead of 1628 votes, by scoring 32557 votes against Congress’ 30929.

In Samba, BJP polled 39670 votes, Congress 24566 and BJP managed lead by 15104 votes; in Vijaypur, BJP bagged 32096 votes while Congress got 25853. BJP scored lead by 6243 votes; in Bishnah (SC), BJP got 46650 and Congress 41914 votes. BJP’s lead was 4736 votes and in the newly carved Bahu segment, BJP managed a slender lead of 1046 votes as it got 37202 votes and Congress bagged 36156 votes.

In Jammu East, BJP scored a lead of 11718 as it bagged 39702 votes and Congress 27984 votes; in Nagrota, BJP bagged 38473 and Congress 29948 votes, BJP maintained lead by 8525 votes and in Jammu West, BJP bagged 42612 votes and Congress 21734 votes. BJP scored a lead of 20878 votes

In Jammu North, BJP polled 46254 and Congress 24697 votes, BJP scoring lead of 21557 votes; in Marh (SC), BJP got 42551 and Congress 27887 votes, BJP maintained lead by 14664 votes and in Akhnoor (SC) BJP polled 43582, Congress 27101 votes, BJP managed lead by 16481.

In Chhamb, BJP got 46662 and Congress 29550 votes, BJP scored a lead of 17112 votes and in Kalakote-Sunderbani, BJP bagged 38848 and Congress 23676 votes thus BJP managed to lead by 15172 votes.

BJP scored total EVM votes in Jammu parliamentary constituency 677571 while Congress got 546031; BJP was ahead of it by 131540 votes.

Total postal ballot votes polled by BJP were 10017 while Congress bagged 6059 votes. BJP managed a lead of 3958 votes.

BJP polled total 687588 votes and Congress 552090 votes and thus BJP scored victory by 1,35,498 votes.

Total (valid) votes polled in Jammu were 1297531


In case of Udhampur, other than Inderwal, Bhaderwah, Doda, Banihal constituencies, BJP managed its lead in rest of fourteen constituencies, including those which were considered to be strongholds of Chowdhary Lal Singh.

In Kishtwar, BJP got 23292, Congress bagged 17665 and DPAP got 4496 votes. BJP scored lead by 5627 votes; in Padder-Nagseni, BJP managed lead by 3690 votes as it got 14694, Congress 11004 and DPAP 783 votes.

In Doda West, BJP got 29593 votes, Congress 25631 and DPAP 1129 votes; BJP scored lead by 3962 votes.

In Ramban, BJP bagged 33047, Congress 26481 and DPAP 1435 votes. BJP scored lead by 6566 votes. In Udhampur West, BJP got 53800 votes, Congress 26074 and DPAP 599 votes thus BJP managed to lead by 27,726 votes.

In Udhampur East, BJP got 46414, Congress 22667 and DPAP 565 votes. BJP scored a lead of 23,747 votes. In Chenani, BJP polled 47893, Congress 22209 and DPAP 763 votes. BJP managed a lead of 25,684 votes. In Ramnagar (SC), BJP got 35619, Congress 23438 and DPAP 689; BJP managed lead by 12,181 votes and in Bani, BJP bagged 21515 votes, Congress 12247 and DPAP 386 votes. BJP scored a lead of 9268 votes.

In Billawar, BJP got 42314, Congress 17922 and DPAP 328 votes thus BJP scoring a lead of 24,392 votes; in Basohli, BJP got 28751, Congress 14422 and DPAP 245 votes; BJP scored a lead of 14,329 votes; in Jasrota, BJP got 35008, Congress 26077 and DPAP 496 votes, BJP scored a lead of 8,931 votes; in Kathua (SC) BJP got 43696, Congress 35660 and DPAP 541 votes, BJP scored a lead by 8,036 and in Hiranagar, BJP polled 36409, Congress 24670 and DPAP 519 votes, BJP scored a lead of 11,739 votes.

BJP polled 566833 total EVM votes, Congress 444151 and DPAP 39519 votes. BJP managed a lead by 1,22,682 votes while in total postal ballot votes, BJP bagged 4243, Congress 2552 and DPAP 80 votes. BJP scored a lead of 1691 votes.

Out of total votes polled, BJP bagged 571076, Congress 446703 and DPAP 39599. BJP won seat by 1,24,373.

Total (valid) votes polled in Udhampur were 11,13,786.