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Is Anybody Listening?

08:18 AM Jul 01, 2024 IST | GK NEWS SERVICE
is anybody listening

Bemina’s 6-way crossing plagued by stray dogs


This is to bring to the attention of concerned authorities a significant issue at the six-way crossing near the Economics and Statistics Office in Bemina, Srinagar, particularly towards the New RTO.


The waste dumping and collection point at this location has led to the presence of hundreds of stray dogs around the clock.


This situation poses a serious threat to pedestrians and two-wheeler drivers, making it almost impossible to pass through the area safely, even during daylight hours.


The constant presence of these dogs creates a hazardous environment and raises concerns about public safety and hygiene.


I request the concerned authorities to intervene promptly and take appropriate action to address this problem.


Nazim Humayoon


HIG Bemina

93 GMC staffers request reinstatement

We appeal to the Secretary of HME, Dr Syed Abid Rasheed, to kindly intervene to uphold the principle of equal and natural justice.

Ninety-three paramedical, technical, and nursing staff on Academic Arrangement Basis (SRO-384) of Government Medical College (GMC) Srinagar have been disengaged as of June 2023, according to Order No: 381 of 2023 dated June 1, 2023.

This action has led to 93 families facing severe hardship, even though the case is still pending with the Supreme Court.

The selective disengagement of only 93 out of the 400 staff members of GMC Srinagar, who were appointed over the past 12 years, constitutes clear discrimination and violates the principle of equal and natural justice.

We humbly request that these staff members be allowed to rejoin their positions until the Supreme Court has resolved the matter, which is of paramount importance.

Disengaged staffers

Fix deplorable condition of Hanjiwera-Magam Road

We, the people of Hanjiwera to Magam, are suffering immensely due to the poor state of our road. For the past three years, it has been in deplorable condition, and no one seems to care. It feels like we are being ignored by everyone, including the government.

This road, which connects the districts of Budgam and Baramulla, is crucial. It also serves as a shortcut to Asia's famous tourist resort, Gulmarg.

We hope our plight will be highlighted promptly to prevent any unfortunate incidents. Our patients, women, children, and school-going children are suffering greatly. We want to express our grievances through the columns of Greater Kashmir so that the relevant department will take the necessary steps in this direction. We recognize Greater Kashmir as the top and most trusted newspaper in Jammu and Kashmir. We firmly believe that this newspaper is the best source to address and solve the problems and issues in different areas of the valley.