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Is Anybody Listening?

03:05 AM May 13, 2024 IST | GK NEWS SERVICE
is anybody listening

Locals demand relocation of waste receptacle


We, the residents of Neelam Chowk, are facing significant hardships due to the large dumpster located in our vicinity.


A lot of foul smell emanates from the waste that has made our lives miserable. Moreover, this spot has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other fleas.


The population of street dogs has also increased due to feeding on the leftovers that have been generated in good amounts from nearby restaurants and are unfortunately being dumped there for the past many years.


We are not able to breathe fresh air and the place is now being dominated by foul smell and flies.


We, therefore, request the concerned department to look into the matter and relieve us from the hardship we are facing daily.


Residents of Neelam Chowk


Near Neelam Cinema and Municipal Park




Improving railway hygiene

This is to bring to the notice of the general public and the concerned authorities the plight of railway stations and trains in Kashmir.

The authorities of railway stations and trains should prioritise cleanliness, especially considering their importance for travel.

Many people opt for rail transport to save time, finding it convenient, quick, and cost-effective.

However, hygiene is crucial to attract commuters.

Ensuring daily cleanliness is the duty of railway management.

Recently, while travelling from Budgam to Baramulla, I encountered significant garbage, debris, and scrap inside the train, which made the journey uncomfortable.

I urge the authorities (Northern Head) to address this issue promptly and maintain clean trains daily, thus ensuring a healthy travel experience for commuters.

Sofi Umar Jan

Social Activist





Gulberg Colony Hyderpora residents demand macadamisation of Lane-4

We, the residents of Gulberg Colony, Sector-3, Lane-4, Hyderpora are facing a lot of hardships due to the dilapidated road.

For the past many years, the road leading to the mohalla has not been macadamised.  We face many inconveniences as there are large potholes. The road's elevated level is preventing residents from persuading the administration to macadamise it.

We, therefore, request the concerned authority to look into the matter and macadamise our road as soon as possible while ensuring close monitoring of its elevation.


Bijbehara-Khanabal road in shambles

We, the residents of Wahidan tehsil, Sallar Pahalgam, would like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities to the terrible condition of a 3 km road connecting two vital routes: Bijbehara-Pahalgam Road and Khanabal-Pahalgam Road.

The road is severely dilapidated, with large potholes causing significant delays in travel time. Despite being black-topped in 2017, it has received no upgrades since then.

Given the constant influx of vehicles from various parts of Kashmir to Pahalgam, we request the R&B Division, Anantnag, to address this issue promptly.


Raiyar residents demand bus service from Jehangir Chowk to Doodhpathri

This is to bring to the notice of the administration that there is a need for RTC bus services from Jehangir Chowk, Srinagar to Raiyar, Doodhpathri via Khansahib, Budgam.

Village Raiyar is about 35 km from Srinagar and 26 from Budgam town, located near the famous tourist spot of Doodhpathri.

We don't have a direct bus service from Raiyar to Srinagar.

Students, employees, labourers, and other daily passengers face a lot of inconvenience.

We had earlier approached the Divisional Commissioner's office and he had forwarded a letter to the Managing Director, RTC.

However, they have not taken any action as of now.

The requested bus service can be a big help to this neglected area.


Shabir Ahmad Sheikh