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In Pictures: Unusual Dry Spell, Absence of Snow at Gulmarg Disheartens Tourists

Experts attribute the dry spell to the El Nino climatic phenomenon, predicting potential repercussions on global weather patterns and temperatures in 2024. If the dry spell continues, it is expected to affect tourism and result in cancellations, creating economic challenges for the region.
07:58 PM Jan 10, 2024 IST | GK Photo Desk
in pictures  unusual dry spell  absence of snow at gulmarg disheartens tourists
“The whole of December and the first week of January has been dry,” Mukhtar Ahmad, Director of the Kashmir Meteorological Centre, told ANI.

The Kashmir valley has witnessed a significant 79% drop in rainfall and minimal snowfall in December 2023, exacerbating the situation. The popular skiing destination, Gulmarg, normally bustling with skiers in January, is experiencing an unusual emptiness in its meadows.


Photography by Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir


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