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Human Paradox

It is very difficult to pass a final judgment about people since human nature continues to be an embodied paradox
12:00 AM Apr 14, 2024 IST | Syeda Afshana
human paradox

One, at times, wonders about the mystery crafted by the Almighty in His creation. There is so much beauty around in nature that fascinates the mind. The universe is a magical making, full of things unimaginable.


The world is a stimulating place of thinking and deliberation. All things around generate pleasant attention and profound reflection. What made Almighty create all this? The query deepens as the world unravels unto us every day.


Surprises after surprises. Both lovely and otherwise. The world unfolds the secrets of creation. And this becomes all the more interesting when one notices the strange uniqueness of human beings—the supreme of creation.


It is very difficult to pass a final judgment about people since human nature continues to be an embodied paradox. Traits and temperaments, many a times, compliment our actual selves. Of course, we can’t define ‘good’ unless we know ‘bad’ and that is why certain creatures amongst the most bestowed human-beings make us realize and understand what actually is the purpose of their existence. For we believe that the Almighty has not fashioned anything without purpose. It is by virtue of the freewill given to them that differentiates diverse human beings.


This also prompts us to think about those who breathe just to make others breathless, who talk just to make others wordless and who think just to make others thoughtless. They lead everything into a blizzard of pointlessness. This category of human species is not so rare. You can locate them almost at all places. Their role from homes to workplaces and in society, is quite conspicuous. They have a tremendous value: the nuisance value.


This raises a question as to who’s a nuisance? Commonly, the one who is obnoxiously annoying. Literally, the one who indulges in ‘an unreasonable interference that is harmful to others’. They say that a human being must have an occupation, if he or she is not to become a nuisance to the world.


People bereft of any proper occupation are as such a permanent nuisance. They are the typical ‘out-of-work’ self-styled thinkers, intellectuals, writers, activists and leaders who have ample time to indulge in claptrap. Heeding to their odious idiocy is simply useless.


However, surprisingly, people in occupation are also prone to be a nuisance. Apparently, they do have the occupation, but they happen to be ‘occupation-less’ in their occupation. They do every nonsense but for what they have been engaged for!

They interfere in affairs beyond their jurisdiction. They dabble in domains alien to them. They object to things critical of their interests. They are proficient in derailing any normal course of action. They are the skilled fuss makers who disturb and destabilize anything from discourses to directions.

Envious to the core and worn to shreds by insecurities, all kinds of nuisances survive merely by engaging others in trivialities and humbug. They also remain ‘alive’ by slinging muck. Their daily drill is full of dirt. This is the way they carry the day.

Essentially, all of them seem to have a complex urge. Urge for gaining importance as they fail to deliver in a way that would have invited constructive and genuine attention. In the process, they pay the price. Despite bragging about anything from potholes to politics, rags to research, gery to gentry, and of course, churnalism to journalism, they unwittingly lose their individuality.

Their bona fide opinion about themselves also gets shadowed. And this marks the endless beginning of their degeneration. That’s why they don’t command but demand ‘respect’ in a society where, unfortunately, rogues are glorified and rigmarole is cited. In order to seek attention, they project themselves as “different” by doing things not differently but viciously.

There is yet another colour of their personality, quite demeaning and notorious. They go on gossiping and bluffing endlessly. They use this tactic as a philosopher’s stone to defame others. They concoct stories and confuse others. They do smear campaigning and brush people as per their own suitability. They are shameless, senseless, and faceless. They miserably defeat the purpose of their existence and end up as ‘human-less’.

John Stuart Mill wrote- ‘The liberty of the individual must be thus far limited; he must not make himself a nuisance to other people’. The people who become a nuisance don’t actually understand the meaning of liberty. Limits of liberty are a far remote subject for them to ponder upon. That’s why they take liberty with all the things, all the people, all the time.

They violate the boundaries of the public sphere, trample upon their own dim senses, and slight their own standing. They don’t need a dressing-down for they are never mentally dressed up. There is absolutely no method in their madness. Sickos!