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Hoteliers, travel traders laud administration’s efforts in revitalizing Gulmarg

01:12 AM May 17, 2024 IST | GK NEWS SERVICE
Gulmarg [File]

Srinagar, May 16: Hoteliers and travel traders have expressed delight over the remarkable transformation witnessed in the iconic tourist destination of Gulmarg. The administration's prompt actions in addressing complaints regarding pony wallahs and cleanliness have resulted in a significant improvement in the overall experience for visitors.

The surroundings of the famous ski resort have undergone a remarkable makeover, leaving stakeholders in the hospitality and tourism industry elated.


Mushtaq Chaya, Chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir Hoteliers Club, hailed the improved facilities for tourists and the sanitation measures implemented by authorities in Gulmarg. Chaya expressed his astonishment at the incredible transformation of the resort.

"Gone are the days of harassment and hesitation; now, visiting Gulmarg is a seamless experience," Chaya said. "Thanks to online ticketing, movement is effortless, with even pony wallahs exhibiting remarkable discipline. Smooth-running snowmobiles and orderly queues further enhance the tourist journey."


Chaya also commended the smooth flow of tourist vehicles, eliminating traffic congestion and allowing for a truly enjoyable experience. However, he acknowledged room for improvement, suggesting tourists, eateries, stakeholders to maintain cleanliness.

Additionally, Chaya emphasised the importance of planting more trees and ensuring clean Gondola windows for optimal viewing.

"My heartfelt congratulations to the Department of Tourism, particularly Director Tourism and CEO Waseem Raja, for their outstanding efforts in this remarkable transformation," Wangoo added. "Kudos indeed."

Javid Ahmad, a travel agent who also hailed the makeover of Gulmarg, said that tourists are happy with the cleanliness and online ticketing. "The positive feedback from hoteliers and travel traders underscores the successful efforts undertaken by the authorities to enhance the overall tourist experience in Gulmarg, positioning it as a world-class destination for visitors from across the globe."