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Health Insurance Portability: Why It's a Great Choice

Health insurance portability is a policy through which you can change your health insurance provider to another one without compromising on any of your existing benefits
02:12 PM Jun 18, 2024 IST | GK Web Desk
health insurance portability  why it s a great choice

During the growing medical inflation, health insurance plans are great options to ensure your quality treatment during medical emergencies. However, with your changing healthcare requirements you may need additional coverage, this is the time when health insurance portability comes into play.


Scroll down to learn more about how you can port healthcare plans easily.


What is Health Insurance Portability?


Health insurance portability is a policy through which you can change your health insurance provider to another one without compromising on any of your existing benefits. It is a smart choice to proceed according to your changing healthcare needs. Hence, following a few guidelines you can switch to any other insurance provider without facing any hitches.


What are the Important Factors of Health Insurance Portability?


Go through the following points to be aware of the crucial elements of health insurance portability:


Continuation of the Policy


You are allowed to switch to another health insurance provider during policy renewal, along with continued benefits and served waiting periods from your existing healthcare policy.

No Loss of Benefits

During your switch to the new health insurance provider you will not be missing out on any of your non-claim bonus or waiting period benefits that you accumulated from the previous insurer.

Continuation of the Coverage

Along with your benefits, you will not be experiencing any break of coverage when you switch to another insurance provider.

No Added Waiting Periods

You will not get any extra waiting period for pre-existing diseases beyond your served periods in the old healthcare policy.

Similar Sum Insured

You can get a sum insured that is similar to what you used to get with the old healthcare policy or even more than that sometimes.


You need to switch to another healthcare policy at least 45 days before the existing plan expires. This helps in sorting things out on time.

Insurer’s Decision

You will have the right to reject or accept the transfer to a new health insurance provider on valid grounds.


To make the switching process faster you need to keep all the required documents handy beforehand. It ensures the process gets along smoothly.

How Can You Port Health Insurance Policy?

You can port your existing health insurance policy in the following ways with the help of insurance providers like ACKO:

Research and Select

Research several health insurance providers that offer varied healthcare coverages, aligning with your needs perfectly.

Make Comparisons

Make sure to compare the different insurance providers based on certain parameters including coverage, premiums, or specific healthcare requirements.

Check the Waiting Periods

You need to ensure that the new policy you are switching to has similar waiting periods or less than the old one.

Inform the Insurance Company

You must inform your existing insurance company 45 days before the renewal once you have made the decision about switching to a new one.

Get the Portability Form

Make sure to get the health insurance portability form from your current insurance provider and proceed as they instruct you about the process.

Provide the Details

Fill in the form by entering the correct details as required and previewing it carefully. Submit the form along with the details of your existing insurance provider and KYC documents to the new company.

Policy Issuance

In case your application gets approved, the new insurance company will start issuing your policy details. So make sure to go through the terms and conditions carefully.

Cancel the Old Policy

When you have the new policy ready for you and you are happy with the terms and conditions, you need to inform your old insurance provider to cancel your policy.

What are the Benefits of Health Insurance Portability?

Some of the significant benefits of health insurance portability have been listed below:

Freedom to Select Plans

With health insurance portability, you are allowed to choose another health insurance provider based on your preference without compromising on your existing benefits.

Customised Coverage

With the new policy, you can have benefits and coverage specifically tailored to meet your healthcare requirements that fit your lifestyle

Continuation of Benefits

When you decide to port your health insurance plan to another provider, you take all the benefits including waiting periods along with you.

Better Services

In the cases where you do not feel satisfied with the services of your current health insurance provider, you can switch to another one with better services for you

Competitive Premiums

Since insurance providers offer competitive premiums to attract customers, you can take advantage of such offers, letting you save a considerable amount on the monthly premiums.

The Bottom Line

Overall, health insurance portability is a convenient option that lets you change your insurance plans without any stress or hassle. Since it does not affect any of your existing benefits it becomes an even more reliable option to go for. So make sure to evaluate your healthcare requirements before opting for one.

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