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Hasrat Gadda feted for advancing cultural heritage of Kashmir

02:18 AM Nov 09, 2023 IST | GK NEWS SERVICE

Srinagar, Nov 8: A certificate of appreciation was awarded to G R Hasrat Gadda, the General Secretary of Fankar Cultural Organization, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the promotion of Kashmiri language and literature.

This honor was bestowed upon him for his active involvement in the two-day national seminar titled “Kashmiri Mathnavi: Traditional & Experimental.” The seminar was organised by the Postgraduate Department of Kashmir at the University of Kashmir, Srinagar.


The Certificate of Appreciation reflects the University’s acknowledgment and appreciation of G. R. Hasrat Gadda’s remarkable dedication to preserving and advancing the cultural and literary heritage of Kashmir. His unwavering commitment to the Kashmiri language and literature has played a pivotal role in keeping these traditions alive and thriving in the region.

The two-day national seminar, “Kashmiri Mathnavi: Traditional & Experimental,” was a significant academic event that brought together scholars, researchers, and enthusiasts of Kashmiri language and literature.


During the seminar, participants explored various aspects of Kashmiri Mathnavi, a traditional and poetic form in the Kashmiri language, while also discussing its contemporary and experimental adaptations. G. R. Hasrat Gadda’s active participation in the seminar demonstrated his profound interest and expertise in the subject matter, further contributing to the success and depth of the event.

This Certificate of Appreciation not only recognises Gadda’s meritorious service but also serves as a testament to the University of Kashmir’s commitment to fostering and promoting the rich cultural and literary heritage of Kashmir. It highlights the vital role that individuals like Gadda play in preserving and celebrating the unique traditions of the Kashmiri people.