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Hajj pilgrims from J&K set to embark on holy journey from May 9

The pilgrims from J&K are among the first batch across India to undertake this sacred journey this year
03:57 AM May 08, 2024 IST | MUKEET AKMALI
hajj pilgrims from j k set to embark on holy journey from may 9

Srinagar, May 7: Pilgrims from Jammu and Kashmir are all set to embark on the holy Hajj pilgrimage, with the first flight scheduled to depart on Thursday, May 9.


The pilgrims from J&K are among the first batch across India to undertake this sacred journey this year.


According to officials, a total of 7008 Hajj pilgrims from Jammu and Kashmir will be embarking on the holy journey to Mecca and Medina this year. The first flight carrying pilgrims is scheduled to leave from the Srinagar International Airport on May 9.


Executive Officer, J&K Hajj Committee, Shujhat Qureshi said that all arrangements are in place to make the Hajj pilgrimages for pilgrims to make their journey hassle-free. He stated that out of the total 7008 pilgrims from J&K, around 6800 are going through the Srinagar embarkation, and remaining through the Delhi embarkation.


“A total of 6852 pilgrims will be embarking from Srinagar, inclusive of those from Ladakh, while 541 pilgrims will depart from other airports, primarily Delhi airport. The departure of Haj pilgrims from Jammu and Kashmir will commence from May 9, and in the first batch, there will be 320 Hajj pilgrims," Qureshi said.


As per Executive Officer, J&K Haj Committee, special arrangements have been made to facilitate the pilgrimage for 37 women
pilgrims who will be undertaking the sacred journey without a male companion, known as a Mahram. The majority of these women pilgrims will be embarking from Srinagar.


To ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for all pilgrims and their families, the authorities have meticulously coordinated every aspect of the journey, right from the issuance of boarding passes to customs clearance formalities. These arrangements have been put in place to minimize any inconvenience or delays during the travel process.


The Hajj House, a dedicated facility, will serve as the central point for all necessary formalities related to the pilgrimage.

This centralised approach aims to streamline the processes, making it more convenient for the pilgrims to complete the required procedures effortlessly.

Qureshi emphasised that a collaborative effort involving various departments, including health, security, and emergency services, has been undertaken to ensure the safety and well-being of the pilgrims throughout their journey.

This multi-agency coordination ensures that appropriate measures are in place to address any potential concerns or contingencies that may arise.

This year's pilgrimage will commence with a visit to Medina, with all pilgrims accommodated in Markaziya.

Enhancements have been made in Minha, with tents now strategically positioned in zones 2, 3, and 4, elevating the overall experience for the pilgrims.

However, the rising costs have resulted in a decline in the number of pilgrims this year. Pilgrims had to deposit over Rs 4.20 lakh for undertaking the pilgrimage.

Officials disclosed that despite an allocated quota of 9,500 seats and an additional 2,000 seats, making the total allotment 11,500, the number of applicants was less.

“This imbalance implied that for the first time, all applicants were accommodated without the need for a draw of lots, marking a distinctive departure from previous practices," they said

Notably, last year, 12,052 individuals undertook the sacred journey from the Srinagar embarkation point.

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