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Gun-toting foreign mercenaries targetting unarmed people in J&K: DGP

Cautions people against raising ‘false flags’ while sharing inputs about the terrorists.
06:27 AM Jun 16, 2024 IST | SHUCHISMITA
gun toting foreign mercenaries targetting unarmed people in j k  dgp
DGP Swain

Jammu, June 15: Director General of Police (DGP) R R Swain Saturday stated that in the war initiated from across (Pakistan), foreign mercenaries, sent by the enemy frustrated over its failed designs in J&K, were targetting unarmed people.


Yet they, all, would be annihilated very soon and their supporters too would be “crushed in an exemplary manner that none would think to resort to activities inimical to the country's interests”, he reiterated.


He, however, cautioned the people against raising ‘false flags’ while sharing inputs about the terrorists.


Following the spate of terror attacks in the past one week, Jammu has witnessed a flurry of rumour mongering and fake inputs about sighting of terrorists, thus creating panic and fear among common masses.


The top cop of J&K was responding to media queries, following his visit to Saida Sukhal village of Hiranagar sector in Kathua district, which witnessed a terror attack on June 11, triggering a fierce encounter between the security forces and terrorists.


Two terrorists and a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) soldier were killed while a civilian was injured during the gun-battle that lasted around 15 hours or so.


“As I’ve said earlier also, this challenge is emanating from across the border. As the spate of terrorism was about to end in J&K, where terror infrastructure created (by adversaries) was demolished (by security forces) thus inflicting a major blow to their (adversaries’) nefarious designs, the other side (enemy) became frustrated. How could they, who had been earning their livelihood out of the terror industry and had vested interests in keeping this pot boiling for their survival, tolerate it (end of terrorism) and give it up so easily? Their contractors (terrorists’ handlers) are sitting across the border. So they have sent (foreign) mercenaries to continue their business as usual for their existence,” Swain said, when asked about a challenge emanating in the form of a string of terror attacks in the Jammu region.


“Their (terrorists’) number is not much. Yet they are there. These gun-toting mercenaries come out of their rat-holes and as and when they get an opportunity and like cowards, they target unarmed, innocent people. But even they would be eliminated very soon,” Swain reassured.

“You would have seen the robust support of people (to security forces) here and very strong and effective flow of information. We have Village Defence Guards, SPOs, police force, CRPF and the army. In front of them (strong line of defence), how will they (terrorists) survive for long? They had made similar efforts to create turmoil (in the region) in the past also, for eight to ten years, even in these areas. They await a similar fate yet again. This is our border area,” DGP said.

Delineating the importance of overwhelming public support to security forces, Swain, however, asked people not to raise ‘false flags’, while inputs about terrorists.

“Our only appeal to the people is that the information flow should remain robust and continuous but false flags should not be raised. Sometimes it happens out of fear. Therefore it (information) should be cross-checked as it (false flag) impacts response. The manpower is limited so we should be there where actually we are supposed to be, in case of exigency.  Notwithstanding it (hiccup), you would have observed that we respond to each and every input, big or small, with great alacrity,” he said.

DGP stated that they were following instructions from the highest level in letter and spirit. “Even from the top, from the Government of India, we have similar instructions. Accordingly, we will further bolster our security grid and related paraphernalia encompassing weapons vehicles, night vision devices, training etc and we will neutralise each one of them (terrorists),” he said.

In response to a question about use of drones by Pakistan to send weapons, narcotics etc., DGP admitted that it persisted to be a challenge.

Regarding the terrorists targetting unarmed people, Swain said, “There can be no denial to the fact and we will have to admit it that a war is being thrust upon us. In such a war, the enemy will try to inflict heavy damage. In response, our strategy and tactic will be to completely annihilate them while incurring minimum possible losses (on our side).”

“As far as the terror-ecosystem is concerned, I reiterate what I’ve earlier said on several occasions that those few people, who provide them with shelter or logistic support, will also be dealt with an iron hand. They will be crushed. Our action against them will be so stern that it will create a precedent for others also so as to desist them from resorting to activities inimical to the country's sovereign interests,” DGP Swain said.

He was accompanied by the Additional Director of Police Jammu zone Anand Jain and other senior officials. During his visit to the village, DGP interacted with the police personnel deployed there and later visited Hiranagar police station. He lauded the valour and indomitable spirit of the police personnel.

Searches continued in the village and adjoining areas as the security forces did not rule out the possibility of more hiding terrorists there.