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Fishing Turns Fatal

Rising water levels in River Jhelum prove deadly for enthusiastic anglers
12:23 AM Jun 03, 2024 IST | ALTAF BABA
fishing turns fatal
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Baramulla, June 2: The recent retrieval of Muhammad Subhan Dhobi's body 11 days after he drowned in the swollen River Jhelum near Eco Park has cast a sombre shadow over Baramulla.


Dhobi, a government employee, drowned while fishing.


Another youth, an angler, identified as Showkat Ahmad of Jalsheeri Baramulla too drowned in the River Jhelum a few days back and his body has not been retrieved yet.


Both incidents have left the town residents in shock.


Both incidents occurred as the River Jhelum swelled to dangerous levels following recent rains.


The banks of the River Jhelum are currently almost submerged, creating hazardous conditions for fishing enthusiasts.


Despite the risks, numerous individuals continue to fish along the river’s edge.


Ashiq Hussain, a well-known angler, strongly advised against fishing during these conditions.

“The River Jhelum is flowing at an all-time high,” said Hussain. “It’s extremely dangerous to fish from the riverbank now due to the increased water level. A slight mistake while pulling out a fish can cause someone to slip into the river.”

Hussain stressed that the river's powerful current and the strength of the fish in the water pose significant dangers.

He recommended that fishing should only be attempted when the water level is lower and safer.

The fishing spots along the River Jhelum, from Khawjabagh to Boniyar, are popular for their tasty fish, attracting enthusiasts from across the Baramulla district.

However, the increased water level has proven deadly for the anglers.

In the past two weeks alone, three persons have drowned while fishing.

The incidents of drowning have devastated two families.

The family of Muhammad Subhan Dhobi had gone through tremendous pain during these 11 days till the body was retrieved while the family of Showkat Ahmad is completely devastated, waiting for the retrieval of the body.

These incidents highlight the need for caution and restraint among fishing enthusiasts during periods of high water levels.

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