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Faheem Qureshi's Journey | From Hotel Brands to Entrepreneurial Success

12:13 AM Jun 04, 2024 IST | MUKEET AKMALI
faheem qureshi s journey   from hotel brands to entrepreneurial success

After an illustrious career spanning over a decade at top hospitality brands across India, Srinagar native Faheem Qureshi launched his own venture, Stay Pattern Hospitality Services. The company aims to provide quality services in the tourism sector, driven by Qureshi's passion for hospitality and his quest to run his own enterprise.


Qureshi's journey began with a Bachelor's degree in Hotel Management from The Oxford College of Hotel Management in Bangalore. "The hospitality industry has been my calling since I was young," said Qureshi.


"I wanted to learn the ropes from the best in the business before embarking on my entrepreneurial journey."
Following his education, Qureshi cut his teeth at prestigious properties like Eagleton Golf Resort, Hotel Crowne Plaza Bengaluru, and Ibis Bengaluru. However, his heart yearned to return to his roots in Kashmir. "I always knew I wanted to come back and contribute to the tourism industry in my homeland," he remarked.


In 2012, Qureshi joined The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa as Deputy Sales Manager, playing a pivotal role in the property's pre-opening and brand development. His expertise in sales, marketing, and revenue management laid the groundwork for the resort's success. "The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa was a turning point in my career," Qureshi said. "It allowed me to showcase my skills and gain invaluable experience in the Kashmir market."


After his stint at The Khyber, Qureshi joined Hotel Radisson Srinagar as Associate Director of Sales, further honing his expertise in the industry. "Working with global brands like Radisson gave me insights into the highest standards of hospitality," Qureshi stated.


Later, Faheem joined The Orchard Retreat and Spa as General Manager, where he worked tirelessly to enhance the brand's reputation and operational excellence. His tenure was marked by significant improvements in guest satisfaction, operational efficiency, and overall brand visibility.
Driven by a dream to establish his own hospitality empire, Faheem founded "Stay Pattern Hospitality Services."


This groundbreaking venture in the Kashmir valley focuses on promoting tourism by managing sales, reservations, and digital marketing for various hotels. Within just three years, Stay Pattern has successfully incorporated nine hotels under its wing, with more in the pipeline.


With over a decade of experience under his belt, Qureshi felt the time was right to pursue his entrepreneurial dream. He launched Stay Pattern Hospitality Services, a company dedicated to providing quality services in the tourism sector.

"Our mission is to elevate the hospitality experience in Kashmir. We want to showcase the region's immense potential to the world while maintaining the highest standards of service."

Stay Pattern Hospitality Services aims to offer a range of services, including hotel management, consultancy, and bespoke travel experiences. With Qureshi's deep understanding of the local market and his extensive network, the company is poised to make a significant impact on the tourism landscape in Kashmir.

"I'm thrilled to embark on this new journey," Qureshi said. "Stay Pattern Hospitality Services is a culmination of my passion, experience, and unwavering commitment to promoting Kashmir as a world-class destination."

"Kashmir's tourism sector has huge potential to not only help our economy grow but also create a significant number of jobs. Besides, what I see is potential in managing properties in a professional manner. I want my experience to pass on to the younger generation and newcomers who can take our hospitality sector to new heights. Kashmir's tourism potential is still untapped, and lately, we have seen that the number of tourists visiting Kashmir is on an upward trend, which is a good sign and a great opportunity for the younger generation to make a mark in the sector."

Qureshi's commitment and passion for delivering on promises set him apart in the industry. His organizational skills and work ethic have consistently earned him outstanding feedback from colleagues and clients alike. His expertise spans leadership and people management, project management, financial, business, and operations management.

Known for his analytical and expedient approach to problem-solving, Faheem consistently achieves win-win resolutions and introduces innovative promotions and services to meet the needs of tomorrow's savvy global travelers.

His leadership style is both inclusive and transformative, inspiring his team to strive for excellence and innovation. Faheem has received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to the hospitality industry in Kashmir. His vision and leadership not only build successful ventures but also inspire others to pursue their dreams in the industry, making a lasting impact on Kashmir's tourism landscape.

"Receiving recognition is always gratifying, but what truly motivates me is the opportunity to mentor the next generation of hospitality professionals," Faheem remarked. "I believe in fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation. By doing so, we can ensure that Kashmir remains a top destination for travelers worldwide and that our hospitality industry continues to thrive."

Through his relentless dedication and forward-thinking strategies, Faheem is not only transforming the way hospitality businesses operate in Kashmir but also setting new standards for the industry. His work with Stay Pattern Hospitality Services is a testament to his belief in the untapped potential of Kashmir's tourism sector and his commitment to nurturing future leaders in the field.