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Explosions, sirens heard as Iran launches drones, missiles at Israel

UN Security Council has announced an emergency meeting; Matter deemed concluded, says Iran
07:37 AM Apr 14, 2024 IST | GK NEWS SERVICE

New Delhi, April 14: Amid escalating tensions between Israel and Iran, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have claimed to have intercepted a significant number of attacks originating from Iranian sources. According to statements from IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari, Israel asserts that it has successfully thwarted most strikes launched by Iran.

Reports of air raid sirens and explosions are flooding in from cities across Israel, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, as Israeli, US, UK, and Jordanian forces engage in the interception of missiles and drones launched from Iran, according to various media outlets. Civilians took shelter as several explosions were heard and the city went blackout.


Al Jazeera, quoting Tehran, states that Iran has taken responsibility for the attack, citing it as a response to an Israeli raid on the Iranian consulate in Syria. Iran suggests that the matter can now be "deemed concluded."

Iran has invoked Article 51 of the UN Charter to justify its attack on Israel, citing the right to self-defence in the face of an armed attack. The deadly Israeli airstrike on Tehran’s consulate in Damascus is argued by Iran to constitute a direct assault on its sovereignty.


The UN Security Council has announced an emergency meeting to address the escalating situation, with the current President of the Security Council, Malta, confirming the meeting will take place at 4 pm New York time on Sunday. This comes following a formal request from Israel’s UN envoy for an emergency meeting on Iran’s drone strikes against Israel.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry has expressed concern over the "military escalation" in the region and has called for restraint from all parties to avoid the "dangers of wars." The ministry has warned of "serious consequences" if the conflict expands further.

Hagari further revealed that the IDF estimates Iran unleashed a barrage of over "200 different kinds" of drones, ranging from lethal drones to ballistic and cruise missiles. The disclosure came in response to inquiries from CNN and other media outlets seeking clarification on the nature and scale of the attacks.

"Our aircraft remain actively engaged, intercepting incoming threats, and we stand prepared to address any further aggression directed towards Israel," stated Hagari. "The IDF is fully committed to safeguarding the sovereignty and security of the state of Israel, and we will utilize all necessary means to fulfill this obligation."

As tensions continue to mount, the recent escalation follows a series of incidents in the region, including the destruction of Iran's consulate in Damascus and subsequent threats of retaliation from Iranian officials. With both Israel and Iran on high alert, the potential for further hostilities remains a pressing concern.