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Education: Entrepreneurial Success Story

10:52 AM Oct 30, 2023 IST | Syed Rizwan Geelani
education  entrepreneurial success story

In the picturesque region of Sopore in Kashmir, Shakir Ashraf War, armed with education and determination, has become a beacon of hope for the local community. Shakir’s journey from an ambitious student to a visionary entrepreneur is reshaping the landscape of education and self-employment in the area.


After completing his Master’s in Business Administration, Shakir (29) made a conscious decision to diverge from the conventional career path. Instead, he embarked on a mission to create job opportunities for the educated youth in Sopore, a town in the Baramulla district of north Kashmir. His vision was unwavering: to nurture local talent and promote self-employment.


Shakir’s remarkable journey epitomises the spirit of entrepreneurship and community development, making a lasting impact on the lives of the people in the area.


Shakir Ashraf War’s story is one of unwavering dedication to his community. After completing his Master’s in Business Administration, he made a deliberate choice not to pursue a conventional government job. Instead, he embarked on a mission to create job opportunities for the educated youth in Sopore. His vision was clear: to foster local talent and promote self-employment. In his pursuit of this vision, Shakir took the reins of a private school located on the outskirts of Sopore, the Sanctorum Educational Institute.


Shakir’s educational journey laid a strong foundation for his entrepreneurial endeavours. He completed his 10+2 education at the prestigious Delhi Public School in Srinagar. Following that, he pursued his Bachelor’s degree from Bangalore University and furthered his academic pursuit by obtaining a Master’s degree from AMITY University in Noida through distance learning.
In 2016, Shakir made a life-changing decision to lead the Sanctorum Institute of Education as its Managing Director. His appointment coincided with his pursuit of a Master’s degree, reflecting his unwavering commitment to both his education and his entrepreneurial responsibilities.


Shakir’s drive and readiness to assume the responsibility of managing the school stemmed from his deep-rooted belief in nurturing practical education and empowering the youth of Sopore.


Under his visionary leadership, the school has seen significant growth and evolution, expanding its educational offerings from Lower Primary to Higher Secondary levels and even venturing into the College of Education for B.Ed and M.Ed courses.


“My efforts extend beyond the boundaries of traditional education. I have actively collaborated with various NGOs, always striving to uplift the rising generation,” says Shakir.

His dual commitment to offering quality education and creating job opportunities is truly commendable.

At present, the Sanctorum Educational Institute serves as a testament to Shakir’s dedication. The institute boasts a workforce of over 100 employees, including teachers, non-teaching staff, drivers, conductors, and gardeners, collectively earning a total salary of over 95 lakhs per year.

Notably, the school operates a fleet of 22 school buses and employs around 38 individuals in its transport section alone. In addition, there are 71 teaching and non-teaching staff members who contribute to the institution’s success.
Shakir’s educational venture, the Sanctorum Institute of Education, is an integral unit of the Sopore Educational Trust. Under its banner, the institute offers B.Ed and M.Ed courses affiliated with the University of Kashmir and an activity-oriented school established in 2009, following due recognition by the Government of Jammu & Kashmir.

“The mission of this institute is to prepare students for higher education and success in various facets of life after receiving a quality education from the primary to secondary levels,” he said.

Shakir believes that he and his dedicated team of educators and staff have an unwavering commitment to providing education that aligns with national standards, ensuring that the students of Sopore have access to the best opportunities for growth and development.

Through his dedication to education and employment generation, Shakir has not only improved the lives of countless individuals in Sopore but also set an inspiring example for others looking to make a positive impact in their communities.