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Doctors forced to re-admit patient to SMHS hospital just 15 minutes after discharge due to pothole-ridden road

The jarring drive proved too much for his post-operative condition, forcing him to return to SMHS Hospital for readmission and further treatment, doctors treating him informed Greater Kashmir
12:00 AM May 01, 2024 IST | MUKEET AKMALI
doctors forced to re admit patient to smhs hospital just 15 minutes after discharge due to pothole ridden road
Photo: Mubashir Khan/ GK

Srinagar, Apr 30: A patient who had just undergone gastric surgery at the Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SMHS) Hospital had to be readmitted merely 15 minutes after being discharged. Reason the bumpy road dotted with potholes!


The patient had to travel from the hospital via Karan Nagar to his residence at Chadoora. Discharged by doctors following surgery, the patient was on his way home when the vehicle he was travelling in had to navigate through a stretch of dilapidated road full of potholes and bumps. The jarring drive proved too much for his post-operative condition, forcing him to return to SMHS Hospital for readmission and further treatment, doctors treating him informed Greater Kashmir


SMHS Hospital, one of the premier tertiary care institutes in Kashmir, sees over 2,500 to 3000  patients per day and conducts upwards of 60 surgeries daily. However, many of these patients then have to make their way home over roads riddled with potholes and bumps, putting their recovery at risk.


The road stretch connecting Karan Nagar to SMHS Hospital has been undergoing construction work for an extended period, spanning over a year. This prolonged duration of construction activity has resulted in the road being left in a state of disrepair and neglect. The surfaces are uneven and riddled with bumps and potholes, presenting a messy and dilapidated appearance.


"It's an absolute nightmare travelling on these roads after a major surgery. The jolts and bumps can potentially reopen wounds and cause severe discomfort. The municipal authorities need to prioritise road repairs, especially around healthcare facilities," said a senior doctor at SMHS.


"It is a shame that patients have to go through this trauma after undergoing complex surgeries and procedures. The poor road connectivity is not only causing inconvenience but can also lead to serious complications and deterioration of the patient's condition."


The road's poor condition has given rise to numerous issues and inconveniences, adversely affecting commuters and local businesses alike. One of the most significant concerns is the hindrance posed to the movement of ambulances. Due to the bumpy and uneven road surface, vehicles, including critical ambulances, are forced to reduce speed, leading to traffic congestion and jams.


The delay caused by ambulances carrying patients in need of immediate medical attention is particularly concerning, as every minute counts in such situations. The consequences of these delays can be severe, potentially endangering the lives of those in critical condition.

Apart from the impediment to emergency services, the ongoing construction work has also had a detrimental impact on the commercial hub located in the vicinity of Karan Nagar. Businesses in the area have witnessed a decline in footfall and sales due to the chaotic conditions and traffic mess resulting from the road work.

Aijaz Shahdhar, President, Kashmir Trade Alliance, who operates a business at Karan Nagar, expressed frustration over the situation. "It is irony that despite repeated requests from local traders and businesses to expedite the construction work, the authorities have instead exacerbated the chaos and traffic mess by digging up the road stretch. We have been pleading with them to operate with full strength if possible in double shifts as our businesses are jeopardised."

Speaking to Greater Kashmir, Abdul Qayoom Kirmani Chief Engineer Srinagar Smart City Limited (SSCL) said that the pending work on the road stretch from Karan Nagar to Gole Market would be completed within a few days. He acknowledged that the stretch was scheduled for blacktopping, a process of laying a smooth, durable surface over the existing road.

Kirmani cited "inclement weather conditions” as the primary reason for the delay in executing the planned work. “Our machinery and workforce are already deployed at the site, but the recent spell of rain and unfavorable weather has hampered our efforts," he explained.

Kirmani emphasised that the blacktopping process requires dry and suitable conditions to ensure proper adherence and longevity of the new surface. "As soon as the weather improves and the existing surface dries up, our teams will immediately resume work and complete the blacktopping of the road stretch," he assured.

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