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Dilapidated roads, slow pace of works pester commuters in Srinagar

Trigger persistent traffic jams across city
01:16 AM Apr 23, 2024 IST | SHABIR IBN YUSUF
dilapidated roads  slow pace of works pester commuters in srinagar

Srinagar, Apr 22: Commuters continue to grapple with frequent traffic jams mainly triggered by dilapidated roads in the summer capital.


Severe traffic congestion is causing immense inconvenience to commuters and affecting normal life. Traffic jams, which have become a daily ordeal, are primarily attributed to the ongoing prolonged construction work on various roads and bridges, coupled with inadequate traffic management.


The traffic snarls, stretching several kilometers, are particularly acute during peak hours, with commuters often spending hours stuck in gridlocked streets. The situation is exacerbated by the narrow roads that characterise much of Srinagar, making it difficult for vehicles to maneuver through the congested areas.

"The traffic situation in Srinagar has reached a tipping point. It's not just the congestion but also the lack of traffic police presence at vital points that makes the situation chaotic. The problem is compounded by traffic diversions on various routes," said Muhammad Imran, a Srinagar, resident.


Lack of proper traffic management has also led to an increase in road accidents, further adding to the woes of the residents. "I have witnessed several accidents due to the reckless driving of some motorists trying to navigate through the congestion. It's a dangerous situation," said Bilal Ahmed, another resident.


Authorities have acknowledged the problem and assured that steps are being taken to alleviate the traffic woes. Traffic police officials have stated that additional personnel have been deployed to manage the traffic flow, especially at key intersections. "We are working round the clock to ease the congestion. However, the ongoing construction work is posing a challenge," said a senior traffic police official.


They have urged commuters to plan their journeys in advance and to use alternative routes whenever possible to avoid getting stuck in the traffic snarls. The authorities have also requested the cooperation of the public in adhering to traffic rules and regulations to ensure smooth traffic flow.


The residents hope for swift and effective measures to be implemented to alleviate the congestion and restore normalcy to the streets of Srinagar.

One of the primary factors cited is the ongoing construction work on various roads under the Smart City Project across the city. The construction projects, aimed at improving infrastructure, have inadvertently led to narrow lanes, diversions, and road closures, causing bottlenecks and traffic snarls.

"The construction work, while necessary for the development of the city, has significantly impacted the flow of traffic. The narrow roads and diversions make it difficult for vehicles to move smoothly, especially during peak hours," said a senior official from the Public Works Department.

Lack of proper traffic management is another major issue contributing to the congestion. Despite efforts by the traffic police, sheer volume of vehicles on the roads often overwhelms the existing infrastructure and personnel, leading to chaotic traffic conditions.

"Traffic management is a complex task in Srinagar, given the narrow and congested streets. We are constantly working to improve our strategies and deploy personnel effectively, but it remains a challenge," said a senior traffic police official.

The increasing vehicular population is also adding to the traffic woes in Srinagar. With more vehicles hitting the roads, especially during peak hours, the pressure on the already strained infrastructure has intensified, leading to longer wait times and congestion.

"Every year, the number of vehicles on our roads keeps increasing, but our infrastructure remains the same. This imbalance is a major reason for the traffic jams we see almost daily," said an official of the transport department.

As residents continue to endure the daily ordeal of traffic jams, there is a growing call for sustainable solutions to be implemented swiftly to ease the congestion and improve the overall traffic situation in Srinagar.