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Dance of resilience and flexibility

Navigating life's challenges and struggles through adaptability and resilience
01:00 AM Jan 26, 2024 IST | YASIR ALTAF ZARGAR
dance of resilience and flexibility

Expectations, unfortunately, are dangerous in life. When one starts expecting more from life, it becomes overwhelmed with struggles and challenges. The same happened to me. As one matures, they gain an understanding of what these expectations mean.


Expectations can put you in a myriad of challenges when others start expecting from you, particularly your family. When your family realizes that their child has potential, they become overwhelmed with expectations, disturbing the balance of the child's psychological behaviour. One puts more effort into fulfilling parental expectations.


This is where problems unfold. Parents want output, output at any cost and children delve deep into the myriad challenges they face. They forget about the results, but when results are not expected at both ends, hearts break.  Sometimes they fail, sometimes they win, but the failures disturb their harmony. Such a thing started happening to me.


My parents thought I was a potential person, and they had expectations. These expectations dwindled when, even after numerous times, I reached the top of some exams but failed by a narrow margin. Parents gave chances, and those chances put more trauma on me. I had no answers, and parents faced more challenges. Fate had a different story, and my mental and physical health deteriorated in between.


At the crossroads where solutions seemed elusive, I came to understand that the essence of life lies not just in solving problems but in the art of adaptation. Life demands a dance of resilience and flexibility.


After days of introspection, I acknowledged that the path forward demands discernment between aspects that can be changed and those that are immutable.


In this turbulent journey through life's unpredictable currents, I discovered solace in the realization that problems are not stumbling blocks but rather stepping stones. They provide opportunities for growth, resilience, and mastery of the delicate art of adaptation. It is in navigating these uncertainties that we find the richness of life, and it is in the acceptance of the inherent unpredictabilities that we discover true grace.


The concept of adaptability reveals itself in various facets of life. Consider the ever-evolving landscape of technology—a realm where change is not only constant but also exponential. Technological advancements present challenges that require not just immediate solutions but ongoing adaptation to new paradigms.

Similarly, in the natural world, adaptability is a key determinant of survival.  Historical examples also abound with stories of individuals and societies facing adversity with adaptability rather than rigid problem-solving.

In a more personal context, consider the story of J.K. Rowling, the renowned author of the Harry Potter series. Her journey from struggling with poverty and rejection to becoming one of the most successful authors in the world is a testament to the power of adaptability.

These examples underscore that the ability to adapt is not a passive surrender to circumstances but an active engagement with the evolving nature of life. It requires a mindset that embraces change, seeks opportunities in adversity, and recognizes that the journey is as important as the destination.

However, this is not an argument against problem-solving. Rather, it is an exploration of the symbiotic relationship between problem-solving and adaptability. Problem-solving is essential—it is the process of identifying, analyzing, and finding solutions to specific issues. It is a crucial aspect of navigating life's challenges. Yet, the wisdom lies in discerning when to employ problem-solving and when to gracefully adapt.

In the relentless pursuit of solutions, there's a risk of becoming fixated on the idea that every problem must have a definitive answer. This mindset can lead to frustration and despair when faced with issues that defy immediate resolution.

Instead, the art of adaptation encourages a more fluid and holistic perspective. It invites us to embrace the ebb and flow of life, recognizing that not every challenge requires a rigid solution. There are circumstances beyond our control, and the path forward may involve a dance of flexibility and acceptance.

This nuanced understanding is not an excuse for complacency. It's a call to cultivate a mindset that combines the strategic acumen of problem-solving with the wisdom of adaptation.

In my own journey through the storm of challenges, I learned that embracing adaptability doesn't mean relinquishing agency or resigning to fate. It is an active choice to engage with life's uncertainties.

As I weathered the storms, I discovered that the richness of life is not only in triumphs but also in tribulations. Each challenge became an opportunity for self-discovery, growth, and the refinement of my understanding of adaptability. It is in these moments of turbulence that the true essence of our character is revealed.

The author is currently working with J&K BANK on Rural Self-Employment.