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CUK: An emerging brand to join

Why should students think about joining CUK?
01:00 AM Jan 22, 2024 IST | Guest Contributor
cuk  an emerging brand to join

In 2023, student enrollment in higher education institutions across levels witnessed a significant dip nationwide. The new academic session has started, and for 2024, the Central University of Kashmir (CUK) has already announced admissions to its various PG programmes.


Eligible candidates across the country can apply through the National Testing Agency for the programmes they aim to pursue at CUK. Why should students think about joining CUK?


The Vice-Chancellor of CUK, a visionary leader, has set the tone for excellence, innovation, and positive impact. His abilities to inspire, innovate, and strategically plan have far-reaching & long-lasting benefits on CUK’s academic excellence, reputation, and overall impact. Under his leadership, CUK has taken some realistic and practical measures to attract deserving students this year.

Respecting the students’ unique and diverse abilities, aptitudes and interests, CUK has put on offer all types of education at the campus. It offers admissions in general, professional, technical, and vocational education. General Education at CUK provides a broader and more theoretical approach through structured courses and programmes that build a foundation for personal growth, and professional success.


Such courses and programmes have been designed to provide a broad understanding of various disciplines critical in advancing knowledge besides personal growth and career preparation. Professional Education at CUK focuses on preparing students for specific careers and professions. It is geared towards providing practical skills directly applicable to a particular career.


Technical Education also provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for specific trades, and technical professions. Through technical education, CUK tries to address the skill gaps in the market, ensuring that the upcoming workforce is well-equipped with the technical expertise demanded by the evolving job market.


Vocational education is also designed at CUK to prepare students for specific occupations. The focus here is on providing practical skills, and experiential training relevant to specific trades, crafts and professions.


CUK is characterized by several key features that make it a leading institution in the academic landscape of the region. It has developed a challenging and comprehensive curriculum across a wide range of subjects based on NEP-2020.

It has developed a solid national reputation, attracting students, faculty, and researchers from across the country, helping to foster a culturally blended inclusive learning environment, and prioritizing the creation of an ethos to promote a more enriching environment.

Teachers of different backgrounds have brought varied teaching learning styles and approaches to the classroom, catering to students’ diverse learning preferences.

CUK has integrated the latest teaching-learning tools, online teaching-learning platforms, and innovative pedagogical approaches that emphasize interactive experiences to enhance student engagement, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Besides teaching, other academic support services are also available for students through tutoring, mentoring, inspiring, networking and training to help them excel academically.

CUK has invested in research focusing on radical and revolutionary advancements in various fields. Internships and project work, essential curriculum components, bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application.

Both experiences offer valuable opportunities for students to develop crucial skills, gain real-world experience, and enhance their overall education. Internships and project work help students collaborate, promoting teamwork and communication skills. These serve as tangible evidence of a student’s abilities and accomplishments.

A project portfolio at CUK is a valuable asset when showcasing skills to potential employers. CUK offers three types of internships. Skill-based Internship focuses on developing specific technical or practical skills related to a particular profession.

Social Internship focuses on interpersonal skills, communication, and understanding social dynamics in a professional setting, and Research-based Internship concentrates on engaging in academic or industry research to contribute knowledge and innovation in a specific field.

CUK has implemented 360-degree assessments in some programmes. Through 360-degree (multi-source) assessment, teachers collect feedback from various stakeholders to comprehensively analyze students’ performance. Besides, the concerned teachers, peers, parents, and students can also review themselves. It has helped foster a culture of transparency and trust in assessment at CUK.

The distinctive feature that makes CUK unique from other institutions is the welfare and financial support for its students. CUK has introduced some attractive financial schemes like the Accident Insurance Scheme, Student Aid Fund Scheme, and Merit Scholarship Scheme.

CUK has also launched a Credit-based Fee Structure encouraging and enabling students to earn credits online through SWAYAM. CUK has also initiated the ‘Earn While Learn Scheme’ for students, through which the students can spend 10 hours weekly as work provision under Uchtar Shiksha Abhiyan and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

The other characteristic feature of CUK is the well-designed Academic Calendar. CUK has been strictly following its academic calendar, which resulted in the timely awarding of degrees.

On-campus health clinics and wellness centres are also available to provide medical services and support to students. Mental health resources and counselling services are also regular features of the varsity.

CUK actively contributes to their local communities through service initiatives, partnerships, and outreach programmes. Villages have been adopted where training programmes, legal literacy services, free coaching services, etc., are provided to the local population. Some sustainable policies have been adopted to promote environmental friendly practices and ethical decision-making.

To conclude, studying at the Central University of Kashmir can bring numerous benefits that can positively impact your personal, academic, and professional development. It has exceptional faculty and resources, a well-designed curriculum, state-of-the-art labs, and a robust assessment mechanism, contributing to a comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience.

The employers hold CUK graduates in high regard. Here, you get the opportunity for cutting-edge research and innovations through engaging in impactful research projects and gaining valuable hands-on experience. It also offers you a wide range of co-curricular activities, including sports, clubs, and cultural events, the participation of which will contribute to you holistically.

All interested students who are resolute and energetic to fulfil their promise of shaping the future of society should strive to get admission. They can visit CUK physically at Ganderbal or virtually at CUK welcomes you to the campus, and you will feel the difference. 

By Dr. Mohammad Sayid Bhat

Dr. Mohammad Sayid Bhat is Sr. Assistant Professor in Department of Education at Central University of Kashmir.