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‘Candidates should deliver in Parliament’

04:58 AM May 21, 2024 IST | Syed Rizwan Geelani
‘candidates should deliver in parliament’
Photo: Mubashir Khan/ GK

Baramulla, May 20: As voting for the fifth phase of the Lok Sabha (LS) polls was held on Monday, the young voters across the Baramulla parliamentary constituency came forward in significant numbers, casting their ballot for development and change, and expressing hopes for better employment opportunities in the future.


Several first-time voters voiced their concern over the lack of job opportunities, stating that they decided to vote in this election for a change and secure jobs.


“The rate of unemployment is on the rise. Youth having Masters and Doctorates are sitting at home. This is the main reason why most of the youth have indulged in substance abuse. It is all because of unemployment,” said Rouf Ahmad, a young voter for Rafiabad.


A female voter after casting her vote in Tragpora, Rafiabad said that they cast their vote with expectations that the future of their children would be better and the candidate would strongly represent the aspirations of Kashmiris in the Parliament.


“We want our candidates to address the employment issues and also make a suitable change in terms of development,” said Fayaz Ahmad of Rafiabad.


A group of youth from Beerwah said that all the leaders who were sent to the Parliament disappointed them but they were still participating in the election process.


“Our area did not see any development during previous years but we are still casting our vote and sending our candidate to the parliament. Staying away from the election process is not an option,” a young voter from Beerwah said.


Other young voters echoed this sentiment, expressing their desire for change.

“We always boycotted polls, but that did not bear any fruit. This is the time to make a change by the power of our vote,” another voter said.

For a female voter from Pattan, casting a vote was an option to safeguard rights.

"Our representative should be someone who will safeguard our rights and talk about women's issues. We need better infrastructure, education, and healthcare besides job security," she said.

Salman, a first-time voter from Singhpora, Pattan, said that previously, 80 percent of the population sided with boycotts during elections, but this time, they were participating to see a better tomorrow.

The voters expressed a desire to send a strong voice to Parliament to get all jailed youth released and revoke all FIRs registered against the youth.

A group of female voters in Watergam, Rafiabad, said they voted for development and better change.