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Broken wooden bridge in Dal interiors gives tough time to residents

It is our lifeline: Inhabitants; will resolve issue: DC Srinagar
12:12 AM Jun 03, 2024 IST | Syed Rizwan Geelani
broken wooden bridge in dal interiors gives tough time to residents

Srinagar, June 2: The residents of Kand Muhalla, near Nehru Park in the interiors of the Dal Lake have decried pathetic condition of wooden bridge which is their only means of connection to the outside world.


The bridge, according to locals, was constructed decades ago and has developed cracks and is lying in shambles. The planks of this bridge are unsafe to walk through.


The local residents complained to Greater Kashmir that this bridge, which serves as the sole lifeline for the community, is in dire need of repair.



"Ironically, over the past 14 to 15 years, government has not spent a single penny to renovate it, we do it ourselves by contributing from our own pockets," said an elderly resident of the Kand Muhalla.


The residents stated that they are dependent on this "unsafe" wooden bridge at a time when other parts of the city are witnessing execution and inauguration of modern infrastructure like wide roads, flyovers, and four-lane highways.


"We find ourselves stuck in the past. Our wooden bridge, the only means to connect with other parts of the city, has been neglected by the authorities, leaving it unsafe," the locals said.


The residents said that commuting on this bridge is problematic as given the conditions of the planks which are damaged completely.

"Just look at its condition. This wooden bridge has been like this for the last 14 to 15 years. Even an ambulance is unable to reach us. In case we need ambulance service, it stops halfway, and we have to travel the rest of the way in small boats," another local said.

The residents of this area have urged the Srinagar district administration for proper connectivity which has not been provided to them till date.

"We want proper connectivity for easier access for ambulances and other vehicles. It will bring immense relief to the locals residing here," another resident added.

A visit to the spot reveals that the dilapidated condition of the wooden bridge poses a daily risk, especially to school children.

"The condition of these planks is not good at all and two people cannot walk together over these planks. It cannot bear the weight," the residents said.

"With the onset of the winter season, our problems worsen. Our womenfolk also have to walk through this wooden bridge. Be it winter or summer, we face problems here," they said.

The residents said that a slight increase in the water level creates panic among the local population.

"At times, our kids have to wade through the water to reach their school. When it snows, we face a lot of problems," the locals said.

The locals demanded that the bridge and the road should be renovated so that their kids can walk to their school freely and without any danger.

A resident while recalling an incident said that recently, a few schoolchildren walking across the bridge tripped and fell into the water. "Fortunately, a local was passing by and he noticed it. If he had not noticed, all of the children would have drowned," the local resident said.

Deputy Commissioner (DC) Srinagar, Dr Bilal Mohi-ud-Din Bhat when contacted said the matter will be looked into.

"You have put this issue into my notice, we will resolve it," DC Srinagar told Greater Kashmir.